Story Time

So, I was trying to watch the new American Gladiators and I couldn’t. As a big fan of the original, I gave the new one a shot and 20 minutes into the show, I had to turn it off. There was too much bullshit. The Gladiators were miced and talking to the contenders. They did……

…is NOT an available domain name. Surprise. Some of his finest work here, courtesy of News Hounds:

Open Topic Suggestion #1

“Why does your left nut itch? Discuss all appropriate theories…” – STDs– Chafing– Allergic reaction to new soap/laundry detergent/fabric softener– Recently shaved– Placebo effect (reverse placebo effect, I guess?)– The old “itching-powder-in-the-boxers” trick– Not showering for > 3 days

I Want In Too!

With Barack Obama’s presumptive nomination this week, I am faced with having to sit down and think about my beliefs and then figure out which presidential candidate fit my ideals closest. I know this is more than the average voter will do, basing their choice solely on the capital letter following the candidate’s name. Taking…