Draftonomics: Andrew Luck Edition

Well if I had gotten on this a few days ago, it may have had more of an impact. With yesterday’s announcement that the Colts have told Andrew Luck that they will draft him first overall next Thursday, what we’ve known since February has been confirmed. Also, all the drama has been taken taken out…


Draftonomics: Robert Griffin III Edition

The draft is certainly afoot, and in the very near future you’re gonna be seeing a lot of this guy: Baylor QB and golden boy Robert Griffin III.  But is he a better talent than his Left Coast counterpart, Stanford’s Andrew Luck?  Short answer is “yes”.  Long answer is “yes, and I’ll show you why”.

UFC on Fuel: Gustafsson vs. Silva Live Blog

What better way to kick off the Bang 2.0 than with some morning fights. Well, it’s morning for me out in Pacific land. Plus, there will apparently be a parade going on right outside my apartment since there’s a crowd on the front sidewalk. Anyway, we’re live on Facebook and later on Fuel TV, so…