2011 Big East Football Preview

We’re in the home stretch of previews, Bangers. Next up is the (not-so-)illustrious Big East. I’m sorry Big East, but you suck. A lot. The ACC looks at you and says “Really? They’re an AQ??” But yes, they certainly are an AQ, and that’s really unfortunate considering that they suck (see above). They have no player depth, new head coaches all over the place, and are coming off the heels of a terrible BCS showing. Oh well… if you want, read on for more about how the Big East is the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.

I refuse to waste your time, Bangers. All the Big East is this year and WVU and a hurricane supply center. Too soon? You’re damn right it’s too soon!! Blame the Big East.

West Virginia: They return Geno Smith, who might also be that creepy dude from Super Mario RPG. Also returning are fav target Tavon Austin (who was only bested by Smith for most TDs on the team last year), RB Ryan Clarke (who was also only bested by Smith for most TDs on the team last year), and DC Jeff Casteel, who engineered the D that held teams to 13.5 PPG (3rd-best in the country), with only 1 team all year scoring over 20 pts. Now for the casualties: Noel Devine (HUGE), Bill Stewart (meh), and Jock Sanders (was an awesome second target for Smith). Their strength-of-schedule blows (not their fault, it’s because the Big East blows), but a very-possible out-of-conference win against an emotionally-crippled LSU team could… possibly… allow-them-to-go-undefeated-and-to-a-national-title-game-now-let’s-not-talk-about-it-anymore.

There Is No Other Team: I don’t give a damn that Skip Holtz is now at USF – won’t matter. I don’t give a damn that Todd Graham is now at Pitt – won’t matter. I don’t give a damn that Cincy doesn’t have an AD right now. Let that sink in for a minute. This is your Big East Conference.

Geno Smith, QB, Junior, West Virginia: 2700 yds., 24 TDs, 64.8% completions, and only 6 picks (3 of those in an unfortunate showing against Syracuse). 7 games with over 200 yds. passing, 4 games with 3 or more TDs. And the best part? He’ll be even better this year.

Mike Shanahan, WR, Junior, Pitt: For 4 reasons… his name is Mike Shanahan, he becomes the top receiving target for a coach who loves to air it out (Tulsa was 13th in passing yards and 6th in points scored under Todd Graham), I didn’t want to double-dip with another WVU player, and c’mon his name is Mike Shanahan… you don’t really need any other reason.

West Virginia: No title game in the Big East, so we have one less game to vomit in our mouths whilst watching. (Oh we’ll still watch, because we’re sports fans. But we won’t have to like it.) But like I said, WVU has really no equal in this conference, and is my dark horse pick for Florida State’s last sacrifice.

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