Reaching the Summit

I always love reading about new World Records – even in the most abstract or obscure categories. Tell me that there is a new “World’s Oldest Man” or “World’s Fattest Man” even if it is only by an hour or a half-pound, and I will be absolutely fascinated by the accomplishments of the human body (if the same person were to set both of those records, I would brace myself for Ragnarok).

That is why I love this article by Chuck Klosterman. He touches on a subject that is always at the corner of my mind. At what point will we see the “Greatest of All-Time” and not just the “Greatest So Far”?

As mankind (and this includes womankind, too. I’m not being sexist) progresses and develops it begs the question of when this progress and development will stop. If Dwight Howard can dunk a basketball on a 12′ hoop, how high will Dwight Howard 2.0 reach in 15 years? If Ndamukong Suh can be as big and fast as he is – which the SportScience lab says defies the laws of physics – how big and fast will players be in 2030?

Is there an endgame to the capabilities of the human body or will we one day watch as a 350lbs RB runs a 4.3 in the 40yd dash and still get caught from behind by a defensive tackle who found a fifth gear in the open field?

I don’t want to believe that mankind is close to achieving all that can be achieved in the realm or athletics (or any other facet of life). It is difficult to believe that we may be living to see the pinnacle of human greatness. But, at some point, the body has to max out. Are we there yet?

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