NBA Draft: How’d We Do?

Well, if you’re name is TJ, you feel great about this one. If you’re me, your heart has sunk to your ankles, which it has…
Some surprises and a lot of international players in this year’s Lottery picks. As a matter of fact, tonight’s 4 are a lottery record. I’m not too surprised as this draft class opened up some team’s minds to the possibility of taking a chance on a guy they may not get for a year or two. I think the biggest surprise of the Lottery has been the Cavs taking Tristan Thompson at #4. All three of us thought he was a mid-1st rounder, strong, mature scorer but some questions on defense. That pick helped Brandon Knight and Kemba Walker slide out of the top 5 and to Detroit and Charlotte respectively.

Kyrie Irving started the Lottery picks at #1, Marcus Morris wrapped it up with Houston at #14. The full rundown of our picks from last night, as well as the updated Interrobang Challenge standings are after the jump.

Pick Armando Pts Casey Pts. TJ Pts. Actual Pick
1. Cleveland D. Williams 3 D. Williams 3 K. Irving 5 K. Irving
2. Minnesota K. Irving 3 K. Irving 3 D. Williams 5 D. Williams
3. Utah B. Knight o E. Kanter 5 B. Knight o E. Kanter
4. Cleveland E. Kanter 3 B. Knight 0 E. Kanter 3 T. Thompson
5. Toronto K. Walker 0 J. Vesley 3 J. Vesley 3 J. Valanciunas
6. Washington J. Vesley 5 K. Leonard 0 J. Valanciunas 3 J. Vesley
7. Sacramento K. Leonard 0 A. Burkes 0 K. Leonard 0 B. Biyolo
8. Detroit B. Biyolo 3 M. Morris 0 B. Biyolo 3 B. Knight
9. Charlotte C. Singleton 0 T. Thompson 0 K. Walker 5 K. Walker
10. Milwaukee T. Thompson 0 K. Thompson 3 T. Thompson 0 Jimmer Fredette
11. Golden State A. Burkes 3 B. Biyolo 0 C. Singleton 0 K. Thompson
12. Utah J. Fredette 1 J. Fredette 1 J. Fredette 1 A. Burkes
13. Phoenix K. Thompson 1 K. Walker 0 K. Thompson 1 Markieff Morris
14. Houston M. Morris 5 J. Valanciunas 0 S. Vucevic 0 Marcus Morris

If you total everything up, TJ takes his 4th win of the year, with 29 points. Armando made it interesting, sneaking up to 27 with the Marcus Morris pick at 14. Casey, well, I was just shameful at 18 points. Only one perfect pick (Kanter) and blanked on 8 picks. TJ was perfect on 3 and only missed points on 4 of his picks. Armando was perfect on 2 and blanked on 5.
So we’ve talked on the BangCast about what happens for the guy who takes last in our little year-long competition and here’s what the grand standings look like.
We score these all evenly: 3 points to win, 2 to place and 1 to show.
So it is not looking good for either Armando or I, but the year is only half over. Actually, that’s all I can tell myself because this does not look good for me. I have no desire to do my little turn on the catwalk…

Event Armando Casey TJ
NCAA Conference Tournament Predictor 2 3 1
2nd Chance NCAA Brackets 3 2 1
NFL Draft Challenge 2 1 3
NBA Playoff Predictor 1 2 3
NHL Playoff Predictor 2 1 3
NBA Draft Lottery Challenge 2 1 3
College Football Regular Season Weekly Picks
College Football Bowl Challenge
NFL Regular Season Weekly Picks (hopefully)
MLB Playoff Predictors
MLS Playoff Predictor
NFL Playoff Predictor
MMA Picks Challenge (Jan. to Dec. 2011)
Totals 12 10 14

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