BangCast 30 and our NBA Mock Draft

First of all, here is this week’s show.

And here’s how our live mock draft went, good to start out next contest. We talk about why we turn everything into a pick-off in the BangCast this week, so there’s that. Since this is a much smaller draft than the NFL’s, we’ll do 5 points for a perfect pick, 3 for being one spot off, and 1 for being 2 spots off. Beyond that, you’re stuffed.

Pick Armando Casey TJ
1. Cleveland D. Williams D. Williams K. Irving
2. Minnesota K. Irving K. Irving D. Williams
3. Utah B. Knight E. Kanter B. Knight
4. Cleveland E. Kanter B. Knight E. Kanter
5. Toronto K. Walker J. Vesley J. Vesley
6. Washington J. Vesley K. Leonard J. Valanciunas
7. Sacramento K. Leonard A. Burkes K. Leonard
8. Detroit B. Biyolo M. Morris B. Biyolo
9. Charlotte C. Singleton T. Thompson K. Walker
10. Milwaukee T. Thompson K. Thompson T. Thompson
11. Golden State A. Burkes B. Biyolo C. Singleton
12. Utah J. Fredette J. Fredette J. Fredette
13. Phoenix K. Thompson K. Walker K. Thompson
14. Houston M. Morris J. Valanciunas S. Vucevic

Check back early Friday morning for a wrap-up of the draft and to see how we did.

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