Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum Quick Wrap

We finally have the semifinals set for the Strikeforce Heavyweight World Grand Prix and both sides of the bracket offer intriguing match-ups, even if this part of the quarterfinal round wasn’t as exciting as the February bouts. Admittedly, all I caught was the main event, so that’s all I can comment on. For Armando’s comments on the rest of the card, scan back in our Twitter feed. He kept us well updated all night.

As for the Reem, he did everything he needed to do to win the fight. First and foremost, he pretty much stayed out of Werdum’s guard despite Werdum’s incessant and repeated attempts to pull guard. He stuffed all but one of Werdum’s takedown attempts (1/12). I just looked at the FightMetrics, and I’m surprised that they give the fight to Werdum, until we look closer at the numbers. Now, if you watched the fight Werdum looked like he was the least effective fighter with so many of his attempts to pull guard and repeated stand-ups coming off as an attempt to shy away from the stand up game. But he was the more accurate striker, using the jab as an effective weapon and landing 34 of them. The only thing that Overeem landed more of were body shots. But Reem’s punches looked more effective and powerful. The Demolition Man didn’t even attempt a takedown, but I’m not surprised. He knew that was the last place he wanted the fight to go. While it wasn’t the war we all expected, the next round should be when Overeem takes on the Human Planetoid, Antonio Silva. Of course, the sticking point is whether or not that fight will take place this year…
Full results after the jump.

Fight Armando Casey TJ Result
Chad Griggs vs. Valentijn Overeem Overeem Griggs Griggs Griggs via submission (strikes) at 2:08 of R.1
Daniel Cormier vs. Jeff Monson Cormier Cormier Cormier Cormier via UD (30-27×3)
Jorge Masvidal vs. KJ Noons Noons Noons Noons Masvidal via UD (30-27×3)
Josh Barnett vs. Brett Rogers Barnett Rogers Rogers Barnett via submission (arm triangle) at 1:17 of R.2
Alistar Overeem vs. Fabricio Werdum Overeem Overeen Overeem Overeem via UD (30-27×2, 29-28)

So in our year-long quest to crown the best fight predictor, nothing changes. All three of us went 3-2 Saturday night, so the standings remain the same with Armando leading again. Something to remember though, he started out pretty hot last year as well until he fell off the pace and gave way to eventual champion, TJ.

Banger Record GB
Armando 52-32-3
TJ 52-32-3
Casey 50-34-3 2

One thought on “Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum Quick Wrap

  1. Thing is, since Antonio Silva's head spans so much of the time-space continuum, the Alistair Overeem scrap could take place this year, next year, and last year, all at once. God bless you, Antonio Silva. God bless you.

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