Alistair Overeem Over-rap

Another Interrobang Sports instant classic on the great Alistair Overeem, Strikeforce/DREAM HW champ and K1 World Grand Prix champ. Brought to you by Armondo V., AKA The Not-So-Latin-Lover, AKA The Worst Rapper Alive. Enjoy Despise it after the break.

The Hercules, the power
A hundred miles an hour
A hundred smiles devoured
The Reem will make you sour
Make you white in the face like cream
Make you think twice ’bout all your dreams
Unisom knees will tuck you in, time for sleep
Wake up on the canvas in a mass, in a heap
Talk is cheap, but the Reem ain’t payin’
He’ll just steal it like June from the May end
Other cats be layin’ and prayin’
Reem comes in and be straight-up slayin’
Screw all the steroid haters
Just cuz he’s built like a freighter
Sit back and watch him torch the world
Call him the equator

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