It’s All About The Bench-amins, Baby

My tribute to the unsung heroes of this year’s NBA Playoffs – the players coming off the bench. (The original ain’t too shabby either.)

Now… what y’all wanna do?
Wanna be ballers, like Udonis and Crawford?
Who be slipping out the threes like Terry
On the low like little J.J. Barea
Tryin to make my way to the West like Delonte
Big Baby’s the real deal, built like an automobile
Makes the paint just unreal
But still, everything’s real in the field
Like Shannon Brown taking over, y’all got to yield
But don’t knock Peja for tryin to bury
trifectas, his range is inhuman and scary
Ain’t nobody’s hero, but he wanna be heard
Like Maynor and Harden, combo is just absurd
Collison controls the paint like it’s a condominium
Five fingers swatting the rock into oblivion
It’s all about the bench-amins, what?
Odom and Arenas got the swagger and strut
Throw down for the team, you know they got the cuts
Seeing is believing, they the definition of clutch

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