Lebron…WTF? Athletes and their Cash

Apparently, LeBron James isn’t modest when it comes to spending at the club either. The story is here at BuzzFeed, the picture’s been around and supposedly shows James’ tab after a night at a Las Vegas club.

To which Armando responded:
2 things:

1) Even if you told me that his total bill was the tax amount ($12,840.53) the WTF would still apply IMO.

2) $272 of this bill goes towards Fiji water.  Who the hell parties with a sports megastar – perhaps THE sports megastar – and drinks water?  Especially when the alternatives are Dom, Goose, Patron and Cris?  WTF, people partying with Lebron?!?

I also added a numbered list of my own:
1. Daaaaaaaaaam. I question how many people he was rolling with that night.
2. I was trying to think of some way to defend the Fiji, and all I came up with was this. There’s a good possibility he was partying with some other athletes, and some could be steeled against booze at the moment. Maybe D-Wade doesn’t drink during the playoffs, something like that. If he was rolling with GSP, Rush would have gone with the water. As for the Fiji, it’s actually not bad water. Sells well at the Whole Foods etc. so that could be another reason for that case.
3. Who put away the 12 Bud Lights and WTF were they smoking to pay $9 for a Bud friggin’ Light?!? Even LeBron with all that bank should have been like, c’mon! 9 bucks for a Bud! You can’t be serious!

TJ’s input:

Sadly, $9 is the going rate for all Bud products in the Las Vegas club scene ($5 on the casino floors that I went to). But I agree. He paid as much for 1 beer as he should for a 6-pack. Just asinine.

BTW, I got that link from a YouTube channel that I subscribe to (sxephil if you wanna check it out), and he has the same reaction. $9 for a f***ing Bud Light?!? Forget everything else, that’s just horrible.

Then those two shared the best places to drink for free in Las Vegas. It went on for several emails, but I can sum it up.
Most of the sportsbooks hand out the gratis booze and the low-limit poker tables aren’t a bad place to look, just make sure you tip your waitress well with the first drink and she’ll take care of you for the rest of your stay at the table.

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