Conference Finals Sneaking Up On Us

Yup, I did it again and forgot to get a picks email out to the guys fast enough. So, even though we’re a game into three of the four playoff series going, here’s how we see the NBA and NHL penultimate series playing out.

NBA Playoffs
Series Armando Casey TJ
East Final: Chicago vs. Miami Chicago Chicago (Down with the Evil Empire!!!) Chicago
West Final: Dallas vs. Oklahoma City Dallas OKC Dallas

NHL Playoffs
Series Armando Casey TJ
East Finals: Boston vs. Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Boston
West Finals: Vancouver vs. San Jose San Jose San Jose Vancouver

So we’re in agreement with the Bulls, but I’m going out on a limb against those two and picking the Thunder. I just don’t know which Mav (or 2 Mavs) will guard Kevin Durant. All of their big defensive options are too small to face guard Durant.

As for hockey, Armando and I are picking the same and both lower seeds, while TJ’s taking the easy way out and going with the higher seeds. I was personally on board with the Lightning in Game 2 of the Washington series. Now, after Game 1…whew…well, Boston is going to have to do a ton of work on defense and Tim Thomas is going to have to find his groove is they want to play more than three more games.

Now how to we stand in the…uh, standings? Well, why didn’t you ask sooner…

Banger Conf. Quarters Conf. Semis Conf. Finals NBA Finals Total
Casey 30 30 60
TJ 30 30 60
Armando 20 20 40

Ok, so nothing changed there. But what about the NHL standings, you ask…

Banger Conf. Quarters Conf. Semis Conf. Finals Cup Finals Total
Casey 40 10 50
TJ 30 20 50
Armando 30 10 40

Both of those were 10 points for a win. This round’ll be worth 25 points, with two Daily Doubles on the board and Armando, the pick is yours…

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