The Boycott of the Unnamed Four-Letter Network (U4LN)

So here I sat, Bangers, getting ready for the work week at my desk.  I admittedly had not seen all of the barnburner that was Oklahoma City vs. Denver’s NBA shindig last night, but I did watch OT, and it was splendid.  Later, I learned exactly how splendid: Kevin Durant dropped 51, Russell Westbrook added 40, and Serge Ibaka nailed a triple/double in points, rebounds and blocks.  AND BLOCKS, people!  Yet, when I visted the U4LN this morning, I was greeted with this list of headlines:

Now, I know that the OKC performance was the main story in the “Top Stories” section, so it got the necessary exposure.  But my issue is more one of principle.  The headlines should be categorized from most-important to least-important.  There are other potential arguments to be had (Dereck Chisora story should be above Buster Posey no longer blocking the plate, for instance), but putting the NY Lincks higher than Westie’s and KD’s scoring marathon and Serge’s block party is downright revolting.

Also, keep in mind that this is NOT a slight toward Lin at all (the U4LN did enough of that for all of us already).  He’s a fantastic player, and on any other night he would have deserved to be exactly where he’s at.  28 points and 14 assists is an AWESOME stat line, not to mention that he is able to co-exist with Amar’e Stoudemire and make him (and everyone else on that team) better.  He’s an All-Star in every sense of the word.  But last night, his story was not the biggest in the world of sports.

Therefore, as mentioned in the title, the U4LN is officially out of my life.  The only exception is our Fantasy Football league, which is hosted there.  I have no problems with the FFB site, since the bias really doesn’t come through there at all.

TJ and Casey are big boys, thus they can make their own media decisions; but Armando will be resorting to alternatives instead.  I’m thinking the sites for the actual sports leagues (e.g.,, plus BleacherReport, CBSSports and, hell, maybe even Fox Sports. (If you have any other suggestions for unbiased sports coverage, please feel free to drop a comment.)

I’ll let Homer make the official call for me.

– AV.

***UPDATE:*** It’s been tough the past few days without the U4LN in my life, I’m not gonna lie.  MUCH harder than when I gave up the Unnamed Three-Letter News Network (the one with Wolf Blitzer) and went exclusively BBC.  I will say that CBSSports has had the best statistical coverage, while BleacherReport has had the most interesting stories.  I don’t have the in-depth stuff from the Elias Sports Bureau anymore (“there have only been 2 OT goals by NJ Devils defensemen in the last 3 seasons”… awesome, I guess?), but I’m still feeling good about my switch.

Also, I have conceded that I will continue to watch ESPN3 game coverage.  Cop-out?  A little.  But to me that’s more out of necessity, since without cable/satellite I really don’t have a lot of options with which to consume sporting events.  C’est la vie.

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