NFL Draft: First Round – How’d We Do?

Considering how many surprises there were, I think we did alright. There were a number of moves that could have been surprise of the night:

  • Blaine Gabbert falls to the Jags at 10
  • Minnesota panics big time and reaches to get Christian Ponder at 12, the last QB taken in the 1st
  • Mark Ingram the only RB taken in the 1st, all the way down at 28
  • Nick Fairley falls to the Lions at 13 and quarterbacks around the league (especially Jay Cutler) shit themselves at the prospect of facing a defensive line with these two at the tackles:

There more but I’m gonna have to go with the Atlanta Falcons selling the farm to Cleveland to just from 26 to 6 to get wideout Julio Jones as the biggest surprise. I had pegged Jones to go at #6 to said Browns, and Atlanta must have wanted him really, really bad. Although, now they’ve got a core of Matt Ryan throwing to Roddy White and Jones and White’s the old man of the group at 29. That offense just got scary in a division that had 3 10-game winners last year. Here’s the thing for Cleveland: it’s probably an even better move than any they could have made at #6. They got Atlanta’s spot in the first round, their 2nd and 4th round picks this year and the Falcons #1 and #4 next year. Holmgren and Shermer know rebuilding the Browns is a multi-year project and they starting from scratch. It better for them to get a ton of young guys in to start addressing their slew of needs than to focus on getting another superstar (see: Braylon Edwards, Kellen Winslow, Brady Quinn). Atlanta gets better now, Cleveland gets better down the road. It was a win-win deal. We’ll have more on last night and the rest of the NFL draft here and on next week’s BangCast.

Speaking of wins, as you may have heard we had a little competition last night here at the Bang. We went and predicted the entire 1st round and that was kind of ridiculous. Now I know why Kiper and McShea make the big bucks. Trying to put together a mock draft takes a ton of time and effort, and we didn’t even get to watch game tape. I will also say this: next year we do this live. With trades and whatnot, it really screwed up who went where and since that’s how we scored it, it kinda screwed all of us. I also don’t plan on moving two top-15 picks around and then forgetting to put them back on my board, as leaving Von Miller and Robert Quinn off because I forgot to look back at that sheet of paper likely cost me the game. If you want to see where we had players going, the entire draft for the three of us is here. I won’t go into all the details in this post, you can check out what we said there, or go back and listen to BangCast 24, where TJ and I broke it down pick-by-pick. Alright, enough stalling. Here’s how the numbers shook out:

Picker Total Score Perfect Picks (Player)
TJ 109 7 (Newton, Peterson, Locker, Tyron Smith, Castanzo, Jimmy Smith, Sherrod)
Armando 91 6 (Newton, Miller, Davies, Tyron Smith, Solder, Heyward)
Casey 90 5 (Newton, Green, Peterson, Jones, Pouncey)

And so with that win TJ gets his first of the year, and we are all tied up folks. The battle to determine the superior Banger continues all season long, so stay tuned! Check your local listings, not available in all states.

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