The NHL Conference Semifinals are Set

Boston’s 4-3 overtime win Wednesday night wrapped up the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and here at the Bang, one of us had the foresight to pick a perfect round. Oh, it was me! That’s right, y’all may now refer to me as the hockey guru.
Maybe that’s a bit far, but still.  Here’s what our picks looked like:

NHL Playoffs – First Round
Series Armando Casey TJ
East – #1 Washington vs. #8 NY Rangers Capitals Capitals Capitals
#2 Philadelphia vs. #7 Buffalo Flyers Flyers Sabres
#3 Boston vs. #6 Montreal Bruins Bruins Bruins
#4 Pittsburgh vs. #5 Tampa Bay Penguins Lightning Lightning
West – #1 Vancouver vs. #8 Chicago Blackhawks Canucks Canucks
#2 San Jose vs. #7 Los Angeles Sharks Sharks Sharks
#3 Detroit vs. #6 Phoenix Red Wings Red Wings Red Wings
#4 Anaheim vs. #5 Nashville Predators Predators Ducks

At five points a pop, that’s sets the standings for our Stanley Cup Challenge like this:

Banger Conf. Quarters Conf. Semis Conf. Finals Cup Finals Total
Casey 40 40
Armando 30 30
TJ 30 30

And onto the next round. Eight teams are still alive in the quest for the Cup and here’s how the Bang crew predicts this round to shake out.

Series Armando Casey TJ
Washington vs. Tampa Bay Washington Washington Washington
Philadelphia vs. Boston Boston Philadelphia Boston
Vancouver vs. Nashville Nashville Vancouver Vancouver
Detroit vs. San Jose Detroit Detroit Detroit

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