UFC on Fuel: Gustafsson vs. Silva Live Blog

What better way to kick off the Bang 2.0 than with some morning fights. Well, it’s morning for me out in Pacific land. Plus, there will apparently be a parade going on right outside my apartment since there’s a crowd on the front sidewalk. Anyway, we’re live on Facebook and later on Fuel TV, so log in, tune in and keep us open for live, running commentary.


Preliminary Fights

Jason Young defeated Eric Wisely via unanimous decision (30-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Simeon Thorseson defeated Besam Yousef via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:36 of Round 2

Reza Madadi defeats Yoislandy Izquierdo via submission (guillotine choke) at 1:28 of Round 2

Francis Carmont defeats Magnus Cedenblad (rear naked choke) via submission at 1:42 of Round 2 

Cyrille Diabate vs. Tom DeBlass
Round 1
 Deblass doing a good job early in getting inside the Snake’s reach advantage and pinning Diabate against the cage. DeBlass got a takedown but Diabate made him really work for it, showing improved takedown defense. Good wrist control and DeBlass can’t get past the Snake’s full guard. Took him nearly a minute to get to half. Very solid grappling for the debuting DeBlass.  Having Ricardo Alimieda cornering you has got to be a boost there. Still in half, Diabate is eating some elbow shots. DeBlass finally gets to side control, passing up a knee bar on the way. He gets Diabate’s back at teh very end of the round and clearly takes the first round, staying on top for most of the round, displaying his strong ground game. Diabate needs to keep this fight on the feet to  have a better shot in round 2.

10-9 Deblass

Round 2

Diabate tries a knee, gets it caught and immediately is right back on his back. DeBlass gets to side control a lot faster. Great scramble by Diabate to try to get up, but he left his neck open for a guillotine attempt. Diabate slides out of it well, but is right back with DeBlass in side control. A great game plan so far by DeBlass to neutralize Diabate’s length. Diabate reverses and gets a takedown of his own and here comes the ground and pound. DeBlass slid on a foot lock and Diabate almost laughed at him. However, DeBlass is right back to side control. Will the damage Diabate did be enough to sway the judges? DeBlass is bleeding from the nose. Diabate now back on top and landing some heavy shots, a few hammer fists and working the body. DeBlass looking gassed, sheds Diabate’s d’arce attempt and eats a big left. DeBlass looks like he gave everything to control Diabate in the first and let the Snake back in it. He gave Diabate too much space when he was on his back and his face shows it.

10-9 Diabate, 19-19 fight

Round 3

Diabate opens with a great combo that backs up DeBlass and follows up with a good knee. Diabate taking the center and controling it on the feet. DeBlass was tired of getting hit in the face and scored the takedown but has ended up on his back. Another foot lock Diabate slides out of and the Snake is back on top. DeBlass can’t close the gap and is eating hard shots again. Good short elbows as well. DeBlass reverses into a cross leg lock, but Diabate pulls out easily, probably due to fatigue for DeBlass. Good reversal by DeBlass into side control again, but he can’t do anything with it. Diabate is back on top and landing good ground and pound. You can see Diabate’s improvement on the ground from the Gustafsson and Persoh fights. You’ve got to hand it to DeBlass for taking this fight on short notice and hopping the Pond to do it.

10-9 Diabate, fight: 29-28 Diabate

Cyrille Diabate defeats Tom DeBlass via majority decision (29-28, 29-29, 28-28)

Papi Abedi vs. James Head
Round 1

 The Globe has popped big time for the hometown boy Abedi. They are ready to go, takes the ref a couple of attempts to get them back to start the fight. Big body kick checked by Head. Head throwing some good combos and they tie up, Head eventually wins the war forcing Abdei back to the cage, Abedi the switch and a high crotch takedown off the fence. Head keeping Abedi in his closed guard, Papi trying to get some space for some GnP hard. Head keeping Papi at bay well, not letting him into the half. Papi trying to cut Head off by jamming him into cage, a good body shot and getting to half. Head pops out and delivers a knee on the way out. An exchange of good left hands. Head finding his range starting to pick Papi apart on the feet. Big combination and elbows. Head is in the back mount and trying to work an RNC. Abedi left his chin up too high and Head slides his forearm in. Abedi never found Head’s rhythm on the feet and kept eating right crosses at the end of the round. It all started with a huge elbow against the cage and a triple left jab. And I’ve just lost the first fight of today’s parlay.

James Head defeats Papi Abedi via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:33 of Round 1

Main Card

Brad Pickett vs. Damacio Page
Round 1
Bruce Buffer getting his Swedish on.  Very nice, Voice. Also, apparently Brad Pickett is over here in Stockholm. They come out firing and Page is on his back! Pickett right into his guard and Page tries an armbar and hits a big upkick right to Pickett’s face. Armbar and they stand up. Pickett had Page picked up off the mat on that one. Some big and fast combos from both and two big knees from Page. Page gets the double leg right into side control, but doesn’t stay there long. Pickett drives up and answers with a double of his own. This is the very definition of a back-and-forth round. Pickett landing some good shots from the top. Page blocking some of the bombs, but  a few landed. Pickett going body-body-head-elbow here, lands a few good short elbows. Page really needs to get out of this position or close his guard. Pickett will be more than happy to just beat on Page for the rest of the round. There’s another armbar attempt and we’re back to the feet. Page working the left jab, sticking it in and getting right out. Flying knee misses and Pickett turns it into a double leg. Huge elbow as Page stands up from Pickett. Supermans from both and Pickett ends the round with another takedown. A close, fast-paced round, but I think Pickett did the most work with the time he spent on top, which was also longer I believe.

10-9 Pickett

Round 2

They come out a little slower but Pickett works in a big slam. Back up and Pickett lands a huge left hook! He is immediately on top of Page who is hurt and getting bombs dropped on him. Page has shaken the cobwebs, but Pickett is still controlling on top and landing hard shots. Pickett moves to Page’s back. Page leaves his neck out and Pickett transitions to a guillotine attempt. Page eats a knee to the body, then turns it around and is on top. Page retrieves his head from Pickett’s grasp and is in side control against the cage. Now he’s trying a guillotine of his own, but can’t get his hands together and Pickett shrugs it off and rolls on top, shoving a seated Page against the cage. Page wall walks and they’re up. Pickett stuns Page again with a left uppercut, but Page fires back with a head kick. Pickett scrambles to Page’s back, both hooks in and is working for the choke, Page is flat and Pickett elicits the tap! The pace of this one was unbelievable and Pickett used his ground game very well to control Page, but it was his bread and butter, the striking and ground and pound, which opened Page up and put him in a compromised position. The third time Pickett knocked him down and he turtled, it was only a matter of time before Pickett found an opening.

Brad Pickett defeats Damacio Page via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:06 of Round 2

DaMarques Johnson vs. John Maguire
Round 1

 Couldn’t tell you who wins the walkout music war. The parade is still going on outside and the disco pumping out of some dance team’s truck is kinda drowning things out. A glove touch and here we go. Johnson opens with a hard leg kick that Maguire doesn’t check. Both guys looking for their range. Maguire finds an opening and spins Johnson down with a single leg. Johnson trying a guillotine, but The One pulls his neck out. Johnson transintions to an armbar, Maguire slides out at first, but there’s an omoplata kinda, Maguire rolls, bucks and is free

we had a bit of a server hiccup so the rest of Round 1 and the beginning of Round 2 is lost in the ether of the internet. I will say that I gave Maguire the round 10-9 and we pick up Round 2 about a minute in.

Round 2

…better job of keeping his guard closed and his reversed and worked to side control. Back on the feet, and Maguire eats a big shot. Johnson going back to those inside leg kicks. Johnson lands a hard left and goes back to Maguire’s neck. He’s got him pinned on the cage, but can’t pull the take down. Maguire reverses and he’s able to pull Johnson’s leg out and secure the takedown. Johnson landing a few short shots from his closed guard. Maguire passes Johnson’s guard pretty easily and is in side control but Johnson is working for a kimura on the left side. Maguire had his arm buried against his hip and it ain’t going no where, but Johnson won’t let it go. A roll from Maguire, the reversal and a deep cross armbar. It is all over just like that! Maguire controlled this fight on the ground and we have another submission. Maguire touting his pink belt in gypsy jujitsu. I think I like this guy.

John Maguire defeats DaMarques Johnson via submission (armbar) at 4:40 of Round 2

Diego Nunes vs. Dennis Siver

Round 1

 A glove touch and we’re underway. Nunes working low kicks to keep Siver at distance, almost got caught with a big right. Nunes is clearly aware of Siver’s power and is trying to find a way around it. Siver gets a single leg, but Nunes come back up almost immediately. Nunes throws a spinning back fist that Siver avoids. Good left jab from Nunes. Nunes checks a strong body kick. A lot of good punches getting slipped by both guys right now. Siver’s throwing a push kick. Nunes comes in with a good combo and almost sweeps Siver off his feet with a leg kick. Nunes again gets the left jab through. He’s got the better head movement right now as well. Ooh, a meeting of leg kicks. In a Thai clinch now, Siver with the short body punches, Nunes lands two good knees. A good round by both, both were agressive and controlled the Octagon at times. I think Nunes landed more significant strikes, giving him the round.

10-9 Nunes

Round 2

Nunes opens with spinning back kick to the body. Nunes doing a good job of moving in an out of Siver’s range and away from his power. A missed spinning back fist leads to a clinch and almost a take down but both are up quick. Nunes with another spinning back kick to the body, then right back out. Both eat lefts and Nunes hasn’t stopped moving and circling all fight. Siver has the center of the Octagon, but Nunes able to avoid most of his shots. Siver with the inadvertent cup check and Nunes takes a few seconds but we’re back to it pretty fast. Siver tries for a take down but Nunes shrugs it off and Siver throws a good head kick out of the lockup but Nunes avoids it. Siver now coming forward, getting more aggressive. He’s landing a few more kicks as well, maybe trying to slow Nunes down. Another clinch and Nunes eats a hard shot coming out of it. Siver showing off some of his kicking prowess but Nunes had avoided most of them. Nunes throws a spinning kick after the horn that misses. He started the kick before the horn and apologizes to Siver immediately, a nice show of sportsmanship there. I’ve got to give it to Siver for controlling the Octagon and showing more aggression, especially at the end of the round.

10-9 Siver, Fight 19-19

Round 3

More spinning kicks from both to open the final round. Nunes just misses Siver’s head with a big one. Nunes lands a hard shot that had Siver dazed. Nunes swarms but Siver recovers quickly, using a few teeps to keep Nunes back. Big knockdown on the scorecards though. Siver with a great combo, two punches and a head kick. He’s throwing those combinations flawlessly. He’s been the better technical striker in this fight. Nunes pulls Siver into a Thai clinch and gets a few knees out of it but not much else. Siver misses a big one out of the break. Back to the clinch and again Nunes not able to do much but control Siver’s movement with it. Good left hook from Nunes. Siver’s left eye is bleeding, not sure which shot did it though. Back to the kicking exchanges, Nunes goes high and Siver gets underneath him and drives him back to the fence but Nunes is fighting off the take down attempt. Siver comes back firing. Nunes slips and falls down but picks right back up. More spinning kicks and they flurry each other in the final 20 seconds. A striking war that will be close and again, I think Nunes takes the round on the amount of significant strikes and the knockdown early.

10-9 Nunes, Fight 29-28 Nunes

Dennis Siver defeats Diego Nunes via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

No argument with the decision here. All three rounds could have gone either way. I just thought Nunes’ knock down would have been enough to take the third round.

Siyar Bahadruzada vs. Paulo Thiago

Round 1

If we get a knockout tonight, it may come from this one. Feeling each other out, Thiago rushes in and eats a HUGE   right uppercut and Good Night Irene! Thiago missed and overhand right and paid dearly. What was I saying about a knockout again?

Siyar Bahadruzada defeats Paulo Thiago via knockout at 0:41 of Round 1

Bahadruzada did that with a possibly broken right hand? Damn, that is one tough dude. Everyone at 170 has been put on notice. Siyar the Great is here to make his mark on the division.

Alessio Sakara vs. Brian Stann

Round 1

 Squaring off, both guys land leg kicks. Sakara lands a good left as Stann charges in. Stann charges in again with a flurry, lands a big knee on the way out. Sakara is dazed and down, Stann on top trying to finish. Sakara able to block most of those shots and pulls Stann down into his guard. Both guys work in some good ground strikes while Sakara maintaining full guard. A hard elbow followed by two big lefts and Sakara is out! Or is he? It looked like a flash KO but Sakara quickly put his hands back up. His head bounced off the mat and the ref will stop it. He got in a little slow, but Stann stopped as soon as he saw Sakara was out. Sakara still dazed after those shots. Stann gets back to his winning ways in convincing fashion. Could Sonnen-Stann II for the middleweight crown be down the line?

Brian Stann defeats Alessio Sakara via knockout at 2:26 of Round 1

Alexander Gustaffson vs. Thiago Silva

Round 1

After a break that saw the Abedi/Head fight replayed on the Fuel TV broadcast, we are ready for our main event. Gustafsson is out to a huge ovation, the centerpiece of this event to introduce Sweden to live UFC events. I love that no matter where the UFC goes in the world, when Bruce Buffer gets to “IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT’S TIME!”, every crowd chants along. Silva comes out quick and they trade fists. Silva coming out with a frenetic pace. Gustaffson lands a vicious right hand under a Silva superman and Silva is down. Gustaffson swarms and somehow Silva survies but his right eye is already bleeding. Now its Alexander pushing the pace, peppering Silva with jabs. He’s almost stalking Silva down. Gustaffson snapping his punches off so cleanly. Both guys are taking turns rushing at each other. AG with a good leg kick and backs Silva down with a right cross. Silva still walking AG down, but AG is slipping all of Silva’s big shots. Silva lands a hard leg kick. AG making the most of his movement, coming in, doing damage and getting out of the pocket fast before Silva can unload. Silva keeps going for the high kick but has already missed several of those. A hard, fast-paced round. That big uppercut slowed Silva down considerably. Will either man try to go to the ground here or this bound to be a kickboxing match?

10-9 Gustaffson

Round 2

Silva with a slip early and Gustaffson content to let him stand back up. AG feigning the left and bringing the overhand right. He keeps charging with a flurry, forcing Silva to cover up, then getting back just as quickly. AG outstriking Silva nearly 2-1 thus far. Another flurry and Silva just covers up, but eats an uppercut. Silva just now starting to get the head movement he had in the beginning of the fight back. Silva landson AG and backs him up to the fence. He almost had AG cornered but only got one or two punches to land in the process. The crowd starts another “Alexander” chant, you’ve got to love how into every fight the Stockholm crowd has been. Silva ducks a big shot. Gustaffson’s confidence is now soaring, he’s taking the center of the Octagon, still moving and varying the angles he’s coming in with. Silva’s just standing in and eating too many shots here.He got Gustaffson with a solid jab there but will head to the third down two rounds after being pretty well picked apart by Gustaffson.

10-9 Gustaffson, fight 20-18

Round 3

 Silva has come back out with a purpose, taking the center right back. His right eye is swelling up pretty well here though. Gustaffson walking him down with jabs, throws a combination that mostly misses. Silva answers with a spinning kick. Both guys still taking turns charging and bringing flurries. Gustaffson lands a big right with what looked like a bit of an eye poke, but Silva shakes it off. More combos from Gustaffson, jab-jab-hook. Silva working the leg kicks now, but he’s got to go headhunting or he’ll lose this decision. Gustaffson slips another jab in between Silva’s guard. Silva answers with a left. AG gets a good knee in on a quick clinch. Silva trying to walk AG down, but eats an uppercut for his trouble. He just misses a big uppercut in receipt and they are throwing in the last  20 seconds. Silva trying to get the big one off, but Gustaffson still too fast and slips most of them. But it was that uppercut that knocked Silva down early in the fight that changed his game plan and set him on the defensive for the remainder of the fight. Gustaffson takes another step up the 205 ladder and is probably now 2 fights away from a shot at the belt. He should move to the upper echelon of the division now to prove that he is ready for the big time. Looking at the numbers, 91-55 total strikes landed to Gustaffson.

10-9 Gustafsson, fight 30-27 Gustafsson

Alexander Gustaffson defeated Thiago Silva via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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