Doc Rivers: Supervillan???

I can’t believe that I missed this e-mail exchange from Monday. I had nothing to do with this one, but I’m on board with Armando and TJ.

Doc Rivers looks and sounds like a freaking DC Comics supervillain. Is there
anyone named “The Celtic” yet? If not, then Doc is SO money for the

Special Powers: Rallying powerful minions like Kaygee, Deathray
Allentor and Ra’j Al Rondo to do his most sinister bidding.

Yeah, I could see it…

Honestly, I’d buy that comic book. Especially if it featured his slightly-less-intimidating allies: Big Baby and The Piercer.
Sadly, though, I’m hoping they turn out to be the good guys because if they’re not then the Mo-heat-os are (and yes I am avoiding the obvious Superman reference to Dwight Howard).

Additional nerdery: Kaygee’s super power can be giving his enemies cancer (or at least hurting their feelings by calling them cancer patients).

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