Tons Coming This Week on the Bang!

Finally, we’re getting back into the swing of things. There was a bit of a NCAA Tournament hangover that just kind of transferred over to everything. But I think we’re past that and you can expect more from us as we roll into the spring and summer. So here’s a look at what you can expect from the Bang! this week:

  • A BangCast episode that actually gets recorded! We did do a show last week, but thanks to some software breakdowns, no one got to hear it. We should have the bugs fixed and ready to go this Wednesday. We’ll talk the NFL Draft as TJ and I run down every first round pick. UFC 129 is this Saturday, we’ll tell you whose got the best shot to walk away from the Rogers Center with the belts. The quest for the Stanley Cup is ready to enter the next round with a couple of Game 7’s on the horizon, we’ll preview the conference semifinals, and the NBA playoffs drag on, we’ll talk about some surprises. Look for BangCast 24 right here at 2am Thursday morning, or grab us on iTunes!
  • Round 1 of the NFL Draft is Thursday night, and if you haven’t heard, we’re one step closer to having football in the fall. We’ll have our picks for the full 1st round Thursday morning (yup, it’s another Interrobang contest) and more coverage of the 2nd-7th rounds as we look at the surprises, the freefalls, and the deep picks that will contribute next season.
  • Our picks and Sunday morning thoughts on UFC 129. No liveblog this time, sorry folks. 
  • And as always, we’ll keep you apprized on developments in the NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs and the NFL labor situation. Keep it here for our thoughts, and follow us on Facebook. We’re just getting started up there.

Final thing, check what I found. A little way to get the latest odds on all the upcoming fights, so expect to start seeing this coming with our MMA event previews:

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