2012 Bang MMA Draft


So we may have gotten draft fever here at the Bang. It didn’t quite die for us after the NFL draft last month and with the NBA Draft coming up next month and fantasy football drafts over the summer, it didn’t seem like it would end any time soon. Then came the idea. Every other sport we like drafts, why not MMA? So after some Guinness-fueled machinations, this week we’ll present the 2012 Bang MMA Draft.


How will this work? Well, we’ve employed a panel of Bang readers and fellow MMA fans to help us remake the American MMA scene. Three groups will represent the three major MMA promotions: the UFC, Strikeforce and Bellator. Every active fighter in every active division is eligible to be drafted. Each promotion will be allotted 44 picks, with the goal of presenting four 11-fight cards to demonstrate the potential of their rosters. Simple enough right?

You can catch the first 15 rounds of the draft this Wednesday night as we present a BangCast Special where Armando, TJ and myself will be Kipering up and analyzing all of the draft action. Then join us back here Thursday night, when the remaining rounds will be posted live throughout the evening, starting at 7 Eastern/4 Pacific. I’ll be throwing my two cents in every so often and may be joined by some other guests as the night goes on. The whole thing culminates Wednesday, May 23 as we’ll reveal the cards on another BangCast Special and the rumor is, that one may be a live show.

So join us right here starting Wednesday night as we present our own little drafting experiment and as always, peace, love and waffles.

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