Finally! A Playoff!

Okay, so I may be too excited for this to happen. I admit that. Anyone who has had a conversation with me about college football over the last, well, ten years or so, knows that I’ve been pushing for this. So I was ecstatic when I read that the BCS commissioners have endorsed a four-team seeded playoff system that we could see as soon as 2014. This is an excellent step in the right direction, we are so close to finally determining a champion exclusively on the field with the most deserving teams getting the opportunity.  The challenge now becomes how to put together a selection committee to choose these four teams that would get into the tournament that would begin within the existing BCS bowl system and culminate in a separate championship game. This makes me very happy, as I’ve suggested a similar system multiple times on past BangCasts. In fact, I’m pretty sure Armando and TJ have been waiting for me to shut up about a playoff system for quite awhile. For now, I just wanted to share my excitement for this news, which for some reason got a little buried on the four-letter network. Oh, that’s right, they’re too busy getting their panties in a bunch over the NBA Finals and the possibility of a Heat/LeBron championship. They’ve even been ignoring the Jerry Sandusky trial in lieu of Heat coverage. Then again, when the tone of your coverage starts below on Facebook, it’s no surprise.
I don’t know how this went from joy over a college football playoff system to complaining about the coverage of the NBA Finals and the Miami Heat. I think I’m either fixating on something or have a bit of an anger issue…

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