Can We Get Some Third Chance Brackets?

Don’t we all wish. There were only 2 people out of more than 5 million entries in ESPN’s Tournament Challenge that correctly predicted a Final Four of UConn, Kentucky, VCU and Butler. Now, I thought I looked pretty good going into the Sweet 16 with all of my Final Four in tact and them all favored in their Regional Semifinal games. Then Ohio State fell to UK and that sealed it. All three of us had the Buckeyes as our national champions. Well, you can look at our brackets under this and see how wrong we all were. Armando was the most successful and he’s the only one who can score any points during the Final Four with his pick of Butler to get back to the national championship game.

He rode Butler through and the Bulldogs surprised us all with their win over Florida. Can they make a return trip to the National Title Game? Even if they can’t you have to love that a mid-major school will compete for the title for the 2nd straight year. 

I did very well in the Sweet 16, but everything else fell apart from there. I’m done scoring points, with UConn my only surviving team and I had them falling to the Bucks. I’m glad I was the DD on Friday night, otherwise I’d have drank myself into a hot mess.

Finally, TJ had a rough go from work one. He called the VCU upset, but the others he picked didn’t come in and VCU put him out of the competition for good. Without adding up the numbers, I’m pretty sure he’ll finish in 3rd.

We’re taking a 5, 10, 15, 20 scoring approach with no one getting the 20 with Ohio State’s loss. However, Armando can still score himself 15 points with a Butler win Saturday night.

Picker Sweet 16 Elite 8 Final 4 Title Game Total
Armando 25 20 0 45
Casey 30 10 0 0 40
TJ 15 0 0 0 15

Well then, now that I add everything up no one can catch Armando, making him our 2011 NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge. That’ll put another trophy in his case for this year and notches him his first win of 2011. I just realized that we’ve never actually set forth what we plan on competing in this year, so here’s the list I can think of at the moment. We’ll fill in this chart as we go and it’s always subject to change if we want to try to beat each other in another event. All for the bragging rights that come with being the Bang’s best predictor.

Event Winner
Men’s Conference Tournament Challenge Casey
NCAA Tournament 2nd Chance Bracket Challenge Armando
NBA Playoff Predictions
NHL Playoff Predictions
NFL Draft Challenge
MMA Picks – Jan. to Dec.
College Football Regular Season Weekly Picks
College Football Bowl Challenge
NFL Regular Season Predictions (hopefully)
NFL Playoff Challenge

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