Our Second Chance Brackets

Here we go again, the next of our competitions. We went into detail on this week’s BangCast (You should listen. It’s fun and fortified with Vitamin B12.) So, here’s how we hope the rest of the NCAA Tournament goes. However, you’ll find us all in agreement that Ohio State should cut down the nets in Houston.

Armando: It’s hard not to go with the megaupset for Richmond over KU – VCU is playing a 10th-seeded FSU, and Butler is playing a 4th-seeded Wisconsin, so those aren’t as big of gaps… but arguably besides OSU, no team is hotter right now. (I would put VCU at a tie momentum-wise with the Spiders) Also, the “4 or more Big East teams in the Elite Eight” bet is already lost, since only Marquette and UConn remain.
Title Game points (Tiebreaker): 134

 Casey: Not too much to add here. I was just safe enough for my tastes. I didn’t change my Final Four with Florida being the big surprise I guess. I suppose VCU has got a chance to get to Houston, but Kansas is just so strong at every position and no one’s figured out how to stop the Morris’ effectively. Ohio State probably won’t be able to, but I think they can outpace the Jayhawks offensively. Oh yeah, and Kemba Walker too. I hope…
Title Game Points (tiebreaker): 149
TJ: I find it hard to believe that two teams from Richmond (or all of Virginia for that matter) will make the Elite 8. Richmond had a great run, but Kansas has been on of the best teams all season. I also think that Wisconsin will best Butler. I had the Badgers out in the first round based solely on what I felt was a bad match up, but I like their chances against anyone in the country. Also, I hate picking Duke to beat anyone, but there’s little doubt in my mind that they win another title if OSU doesn’t knock them out in the Final Four – they’d beat Kansas, BYU, Marquette, Wisconsin, et al.
Title Game Points (tiebreaker):156
Points will increase by 5 each round, 5-10-15-20, and this becomes our NCAA Tournament competition. But seriously, check out the podcast. We go in depth and talk about how great the 2nd and 3rd rounds were. 

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