2012 BangCast MAC Preview, Projected Standings and Bowls

Armando kinda let me take the lead on this one (ROLL ALONG!) as I have extensively more experience (AY ZIGGY ZOMBA!) with the teams of the Mid-American Conference having gone to a MAC (WE ARE BG!) school.

Our standings were exactly the same, which saves me on the coding so I appreciate that… oh, by the way the MAC Championship: Ohio over WMU

East West
1. Ohio 1. Western Michigan
2. Bowling Green 2. Northern Illinois
3. Miami 3. Toledo
4. Kent State 4. Eastern Michigan
5. Buffalo 5. Central Michigan
6. Akron 6. Ball State
7. Massachusetts

And da bowls:

Bowl Team
Little Caesars Pizza Ohio
GoDaddy.com Western Michigan
Famous Idaho Potato Bowling Green

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