The Brooklyn Nets Will Win The NBA Finals In 2013.

Cookin' raw with the Brooklyn boys.

A few days ago, Casey decided to unceremoniously sell me out on Facebook, about comments that may or may not have been made of sound mind. Regardless, I’m a grown-ass man, and one of the things that grown-ass men do is own up to things.

Since it’s out there in the ether now, I’m gonna run with it. So without further ado:

Armando V.’s Reasons Why The Brooklyn Nets Will Win The NBA Finals In 2013

1) There’s nowhere to go but up.

The Nets finished in the bottom third in the league in points scored (about 93) and points allowed (about 99). They don’t have the distractions of the last few years – the hubbub surrounding the Melo trade and the lockout really shook things up. Brook Lopez going down early and missing what might as well be the whole season didn’t help much either (among several other injuries). A healthy Nets squad with a full camp has great potential.

2) Joe Johnson ain’t just an afterthought, y’all.

One of the premier 2-guards of the past decade, especially his last few years with the Hawks. One of the few guys who really seems to get better as the years go on, I don’t think Johnson’s come close to plateauing, even at 31.

3) Deron Fucking Williams.

Remember when he dropped 57 against the Cats last season? No, you don’t? It’s okay. No one else does either. (Actually this guymight remember.) Deron is an absolute force, and is getting paid out the ass for it (5 years, $98.7m).  You know damn well he’s gonna ball out the atmosphere as a result, moreso than he did even last season.

4) This isn’t just a new name; it’s a new team.

New branding. New attitude. New $1b arena, the Barclays Center. Joe Johnson, as mentioned. The young and fresh (and clean) business duo of Mikhail Prokhorov and Jay-Z represents a far deviation from the normal stuffy, stodgy team owner archetype. This team is going to be to the NBA what the Raiders were to the NFL in the 80s – minus the shooting, stabbing and rioting.

5) Who wants it more?

Of all the major players of today’s basketball landscape (Miami, Chicago, OKC, the Lakers, and San Antonio), all of them have experienced success on a great level, year after year. The fire is still there, but at some point it’s got to level off. Whereas you have a team like the Nets, who have firepower, size, a deep bench (Jerry Stackhouse for crying out loud!!), and a downright sense of entitlement. They should have a better record. They should be in the playoffs, in the Eastern Conference Finals, and in the big show. They should be the ones laughing at other teams from atop the highest pedestal, not the other way around. And this year, they’re going to make sure that what should happen does.

6) I put my money where my mouth is.

$20 on Brooklyn to win the whole shebang – at 28/1, it’s a cool $560 in my pocket.  With the proceeds from my win, I’ll be purchasing Casey something humiliating and lewd.  Suggestions are welcome.

There it is, Bangers – foolproof, iron-clad, and watertight.  The Brooklyn Nets get the “Armando V. Official-Yet-Meaningless Seal of Approval™“.

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