The End of Tebow-Mania?

Peyton Manning will be a Denver Bronco, but for how much longer will Tim Tebow be? He’s proven that he can handle a starting job in the NFL, but would Denver store him away for the 2-3 years Manning likely has left in his career? Maybe make sure he sticks around as an insurance policy should Manning get hurt again and send the Broncos into the same downward spiral that the Colts plunged into last season? Will Tebowmania run wild again in the NFL or was last season just a one-off show with no chance of a renewal? Well, here’s what I’m thinking are some possible scenarios. Take them or leave them. Just some thinking out loud, so to speak.

  • Tebow is traded to Jacksonville:
  • His Florida homecoming could be a huge boon to ticket sales for a team that’s had a rough time putting butts in the seats the last few seasons. The Jags were 25th in the league in attendance last season, 24th in 2012 and 30th in 2009. They’ve been plagued by blackouts over the years and a Tebow signing could not only turn that around, but help keep the team in Jacksonville. He won’t turn the team around in one year, there’s too many holes to fill and one trade and one draft class probably isn’t going to do it. But he would be an improvement at quarterback, no offense to Blaine Gabbert, Dan LeFevor or Luke McCown. Well, maybe a little offense to McCown.
  • Tebow is traded to Miami
  • Another Florida homecoming and a team that is in a little better position to accomodate Tebow. The Dolphins have worked well in the past with a mobile quarterback, pioneering the use of the wildcat formation in the NFL. Matt Moore looked serviceable down the stretch last year, but Tebow would still be an improvement with the elusiveness he brings. However, Brandon Marshall is gone, Reggie Bush may soon go as well and the offensive line could use some retooling as well. Plus, the Fins just picked up veteran David Garrard whose proved himself a capable starter, so there is likely to be some sort of a positional battle in training camp. He would be very welcome in South Beach and has more to work with than in Jacksonville, but the question will be: how much more?
  • Tebow is traded to New England
  • Will he be Tom Brady’s heir apparent? No, if the Pats pick him up Tebow will likely find himself in a TE/WR/RB role. A quarterback in Tebow’s mold just doesn’t fit well into Belichick’s offense. Could he work his way into the backfield? Probably, but it doesn’t seem likely in the next few seasons. Besides, I think the Patriots have some higher priorities to address, like the entire defense.
  • ¬†Tebow is traded to Green Bay
  • A similar situation to New England but Tebow would be the backup, just like he was to Jay Cutler at the beginning of his career. But unless MVP Aaron Rodgers suffers a serious injury any time soon, he’ll be spending several years behind Rodgers. But the Packers are in need of a good backup with Matt Flynn’s signing with Seattle over the weekend…
  • Tebow is traded to the New York Jets
  • This one is apparently looking more and more likely. Several sources have said that the wheels are already turning on this one. Is Rex Ryan already ready to give up on Mark Sanchez? the three-year extension he was inked to would seemingly state otherwise, but don’t forget that the Jets have a new offensive coordinator in Tony Sparano. You know, they guy that did so much with the wildcat in Miami? That could bring on a quarterback-by-committee situation, although we’ve seen that doesn’t really work well in the NFL.
  • Tebow is traded to the Washington Redskins
  • Not gonna happen. The ‘Skins will have to figure out their problems under center without him.
  • Tebow stays put and accepts a backup role.
  • I’m not sure why this isn’t the leading idea here. It would do him so much good to step back for a few seasons and mature under one of the all-time greats. Plus, he’s an established insurance policy for the team, should Manning get hurt again. For the sake of the Broncos, this is what they should be focusing on, how to keep both QBs. Tebowmania should run wild again at Mile High, just maybe in a few more years.

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