UFC 127: Main Card Liveblog

We are live on PPV and here’s where TJ and I take over. A commendable job done by Armando for the prelims.

Middleweight Bout: Chris Cammozzi vs. Kyle Noke
Round 1:
CAS: Noke comes out to Down Under. Yeah, that did happen, lol. Cammozzi gets a nice round of boos when introduced. Cammozzi comes out firing kicks, keeping Noke at a distance. Cammozzi comes in and Noke lands some good shots. Noke drags Cammozzi down and is quickly into the mount. Cammozzi thought he was out but Noke is on his back quick as hell, there’s the body triangle, the choke, and the tap! Not much to say about that. Noke was clearly superior on the ground, excellent positioning.

Kyle Noke wins via submission (RNC) at 1:35 of the 1st

Welterweight Bout: Brian Ebersole vs. Chris Lytle
Round 1:
CAS: I have no clue how to feel about Ebersole’s chest hair; just an arrow pointing up to his head. At least Lytle comes out kinda normal…
Two Indy natives. Winner gets to keep it as his hometown.
Ebersole opens with a cartwheel kick? What the deuce? Lytle throwing fast hands, but Ebersole is…unorthodox. Lytle stuffs a takedown attempt rather easily. Lytle landing some solid body shots with that right hand. Ebersole got the takedown, but got himself into an arm-in guillotine. Ebersole works over and flips over twice to get to half guard. Lytle’s still holding onto the neck and he’s got a great guillotine. Lytle denying Ebersole half guard and works to guard. Finally lets Ebersole’s neck go and they are up and against the cage. Ebersole has got guts to stay relaxed in those guillotines. Ebersole back on, Lytle tries the triangle and Ebersole is out and in guard. Ebersole throwing elbows and shoulder butts. Ebersole gets off of Lytle about 5 seconds early. Lytle is cut open and Ebersole is just weird. Lytle looked better on the ground. 10-9 Lytle.

TJ: Ebersole’s neck should be broken. Seriously, how long can one person be in a headlock over a 5-minute round? But Lytle looks the worse for wear after a big elbow late in the round. Lytle 10-9

Round 2:
CAS: Lytle still working the right hand well, but he’s still not sure what to do with Ebersole. Ebersole keeping Lytle at a distance with leg kicks, keeps just moving out of the way of Lytle’s punches. 2 solid uppercuts from Lytle and a hard right from Ebersole. They exchange…some kind of look. Lytle stuff Ebersole and they’re both right back up. Lytle’s starting to look frustrated and might be overextending on some of these shots. Ebsersole keeps walking away from bombs, both to the head and body. Ebersole continues to be weird. BIG KNEE FROM EBERSOLE! Lytle scrambling for the leg. Ebersole looking for a choke, looks D’arcish…
Lytle rolls out, getting some time to recover. Lytle tries to get and Ebersole drags him back down from behind. HUGE RIGHT from Ebersole. AND A BIG SLAM. Lytle is seriously hurting, couldn’t close down on the guillotine. Ebersole landed the bigger shots and Lytle will be in trouble in the 3rd. 19-19.

TJ: A big knee around the 3:00 mark put Lytle on his ass and Ebersole ran a darce choke attempt. Lytle got it to the feet before Ebersole slammed him to the matt and controlled it with shoulders from inside Lytle’s guard. Devastating round by Ebersole.
Ebersole 10-9.

Round 3:
CAS: Ebersole tried the cartwheel kick again and eats one for his trouble. Lytle looks pretty much recovered. A takedown and a kimura attempt from Lytle. Here’s the guillotine again. Ebersole works to Lytle’s back and stands him up. Back into Lytle’s guard. Lytle works to side control against the cage. Lytle had an Americana for a second and Ebersole gets out. That is a hell of a sub. defense. Again in the guillotine. And Ebersole sticks him arm through and we’re back up to a clinch. Lytle slips and ends up on his back. Back to the clinch, Lytle on the cage. Ebersole winds up a good elbow. The crowd is calling for knees from Ebersole. This might be an even smarter crowd than in Montreal. Time for Ebersole to get his mouthpiece back in. restart. One minute to go. Lytle’s got to use those body shots to throw combos to the head. Ebersole takes Lytle down again while he goes for a standing kimura. That’s like the 3rd time. Under 30 and Ebersole lands another big elbow. Ten. Another big shot from Ebersole. Lytle is wide open under his left eye and I think Brian Ebersole has done enough to win his UFC debut.
Ebersole 29-28

TJ:Lytle just looked tired. He tried for roughly 30 guillotine chokes and a knee bar, but nothing was taking. Ebersole warded off all the submission attempts and proved that having awesome chest hair is enough to win against superior talent. Ebersole 10-9. Ebersole 29-28.

Brian Ebersole wins via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28×2)
Rogan, ask him about the chest hair!

Lightweight Bout: Dennis Siver vs. George Sotiropoulos
Round 1:
CAS: G-Sot wins the battle of entrance music: TNT vs. Last Resort and he looks determined. The crowd is already chanting for G-Sot 5 seconds in. G-Sot stuffs a quick takedown, throws the left hook. Siver throws his 3rd head kick that G-Sot gets away from. It’s only a matter of time before this goes to the ground and G-Sot catches a kick. Siver fighting to stay up and gets his leg back, nice balance. G-Sot shoots and is stuffed. Siver is a bull. Siver landing some leg kicks, keeps G-Sot back. WOW! Spinning heel kick from Siver and G-Sot just gets out of the way before getting clipped with a left. And Siver lands another big on. G-Sot slow to get up. Siver is all over him. Under 60 seconds. G-Sot looks almost out on his feet. Another big left lands. G-Sot with a very sloppy shoot. Thirty seconds. Siver clips him with the right. G-Sot fires the head kick and just misses. Siver 10-9.

TJ: Siver looks waaaay to big for Sotiropoulos. From takedown defense to two BIG punches that put George on his ass, Siver was in control the whole time. Siver 10-9

Round 2:
CAS: Siver looks good, G-Sot already looking tired, just gets out of the way of another head kick. G-Sot moving better, more head movement. Looks like he’s fully recovered by now. He CANNOT stand in front of Siver anymore, just ate another right. Siver throwing some beautiful kicks then stuffs G-Sot, throws him off pretty easily. G-Sot grabs a single leg and gets easily pushed off. G-Sot throwing some push kicks just to give himself room. Standing in front of Siver again. G-Sot lands a good right. And a good combo. Goes for the single but gets shaken off. And lands that right again. Ducks under but ate a left on the way around. G-Sot lands a good body kick and the flurry in the last 2 minutes is enough to give him a close round 2.

TJ: Better round for Sotiropoulos in that he didn’t get KTFO, but Siver showed that won’t be taken down easily and his stand up is better then G-Sot’s. Sotiropoulos opened up with the hands in the latter half, but no visible damage done. G-Sot may have stolen the round, but it was close. 10-10

Round 3:
CAS: G-Sot trying to find his distance with jabs, but he just can’t get any takedowns. He gets stuffed on a double this time. G-Sot doing much better at moving his head. Taking fewer shots than round 1. They’re trading hands, none land solidly. Siver shoves off another single. G-Sot lands a good jab, able to move around the Octagon faster than Siver. Siver with a big body combo. He knows he needs to get some points and take the momentum back. Two minutes left. Siver overextended and is lucky G-Sot was backing away. Spinning body kick, G-Sot brushes it off but that scores points. One minute. Siver’s landing more shots right now. G-Sot trying to get something going but keeps eating jabs. And that should do it. G-Sot suffers his first loss. Siver 29-28.

TJ: Siver continued to stuff the takedowns, but Sotiropoulos was doing just fine from the stand-up. Siver had the heavier hands, but G-Sot was able to avoid any real solid strikes. However, given the stuffs and the sheer volume of strikes from Siver, I think he stole another very even round. I’m not sure how the judges could give this one to Sotiropoulos. Siver 10-9. Siver 29-28.

Dennis Siver wins via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-28, 30-27))

Middleweight Bout: Michael Bisping vs. Jorge Rivera
Round 1:
CAS: Now the shit gets real. No glove touch, who saw that coming…
Rivera throws first, looking for jabs and a head kick. Nothing but power punches being thrown right now. Rivera lands a good left and Bisping with the takedown. Riveria works his way back up to the feet. Got out of trouble well there. He’s got to watch out for those if Bisping can take him down at will though. Bisping eats a shot, goes for a half assed single. Looked a little dazed, but goes right back in and scores with the double. Bisping in Rivera’s guard and stands up, and BISPING THROWS AND ILLEGAL KNEE. Riveria was on both knees and there is no excuse for that. There is no question, knee right to the forehead. Rivera is still down, doctor is checking him out. If the fight goes on, it will be an point lost. Docs and ref talking. Rivera is wobbly but says he can continue. Ref takes away a point.
Restart at 2:10. Rivera still looks kinda out of it but lands a nice jab. Bisping looks for the head kick again. Rivera charging forward with another combo. Both landing some shots now. Bisping works the takedown right into Rivera’s guard. How do we score this one. It’s Bisping’s round, but with the point lost. it must be 9-9. And they’re still talking after the round.

TJ: Bisping looking good early with a couple of takedowns. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that Rivera can’t stop it. Then an illegal knee by Bisping costs him big. Rivera gets back in there, but he HAS to be seriously hurt.Bisping loses a point for the illegal blow. Another takedown by Bisping amounts to nothing, but it’ll score. 9-9

Round 2:
CAS: Rivera’s got some grapefruits. He could have walked away with a win but wanted to do it clean. Rivera rocks Bisping! In the clench and Bisping looks to have recovered but his right eye is showing the results of that punch. Bisping gets stuffer for the 2nd time this round and the Count lands a hard right. Bisping teeing off and it could be over… Rivera is hurt! Throws a weak body kick, short elbows and the dirty lymie bastard wins. Say what you want but Michael is one classless individual. Post-fight meet up the ref had to tell him to apologize. Bisping: “I got you motherfucker. Don’t talk about my family.” I don’t give a shit how great he is, with his actions tonight Michael Bisping has lost all respect from this blogger.

TJ: Rivera came out strong and landed a big shot early, but Bisping got back in it with a knee. Bisping teed off on Rivera against the cage – big hands and knees. That’ll do it. Bisping by TKO.

Michael Bisping wins via TKO at 1:57 of the 2nd

Welterweight Bout: Jon Fitch vs. BJ Penn
Round 1:
CAS: Herb Dean is mad over in Sydney. BJ rushes across the Octagon and shoots for a fast takedown. Penn’s got him pinned to the fence. Some knees from the clench and Fitch turns it around, dropping looking for a takedown. LOL, Joe Rogan dissing the KFC Yum Center, where Thursday’s fight night is emanating from. And after more and 2 minutes of positioning, BJ gets the takedown and takes Fitch’s back. Fitch gets stuck in a body triangle and is defending himself well. BJ looking for the hook and Fitch trying to get out the back door. BJ denies him, won’t let him stand up and gets his back again. Fitch defending and turns it over to land some shots. BJ pushed him off and we’re back in the clench. Fitch with a good knee to the body, now trying to work a single leg. And the round ends where it started against the fence. Close 1st round but with the takedowns, I give it to Penn 10-9

TJ: Penn goes for a takedown early but has to settle for hugging Fitch against the cage. Fitch reverses and goes for the legs. They have a quick exchange and then Fitch drops for the takedown once again. BJ reverses and takes Fitch to the mat. Penn gets a rear mount with both hooks in. Body triangle by Penn, but it slips out. He goes for the RNC but Fitch defends and turns into him. Back to their feet. They hug against the fence for the final 40 seconds.
Penn 10-9

Round 2:
CAS: BJ charges across again and has to check a high kick from Fitch and then Fitch with the takedown. Fitch dropping knees on BJ’s shins. And BJ stands up. A good inside right by Fitch as we’re in the clinch against the fence. He drops down again, but can’t get BJ down. Good shots by Fitch and then goes right to the double. BJ landed a short elbow and Fitch is bleeding. BJ reverses it, has Fitch against the fence but leaves his head open but Fitch can’t do much with it. And they break. Penn keeps coming forward with shots and another takedown. Again, scrambles around Fitch but Fitch winning the hand fight. Penn pulls Fitch on top and Fitch again spins into BJ’s guard. Just like last round, just a faster sequence. Fitch trying to land elbows, but they’re short. He needs to posture up, he’s got BJ against the fence. His corner is imploring him to pick his head up as the round winds down. Fitch sliding to half but the last minute could be enough to give Fitch the round 19-19.

TJ: Penn goes for a flying knee to start the round and Fitch thanks him with a takedown. Fitch can’t hold him down and the hug-fest continues. They exchange punches and Fitch goes back for the legs. Penn reverses and puts Fitch against the cage. Fitch’s nose does not look good. He must’ve caught one of the Penn elbows. Penn gets a takedown and moves to the rear mount. Fitch spins again and is back on top – in the guard. Fitch gets a little ground-n-pound in and steals the round back. Fitch 10-9

Round 3:
CAS: Fitch’s corner telling him he needs the 3rd. Fitch comes out and lands a big right hand and immediately gets on top of BJ, slides him over against the fence so he can rain down blows. BJ is able to push him off but he took some damage. Fitch goes for the takedown again, but BJ stops him. Fitch comes up on BJ’s back, throws some body knees and pushes BJ down. Fitch in Penn’s guard, trying to pass. BJ in butterfly while Fitch lands a few hammer fists. Fitch with some elbows. Penn is in a bad position if he needs this 3rd round. Fitch gets to a messed up looking half guard. BJ’s getting pounded on though. BJ’s actually looking more and more tired the longer Fitch lays on him. BJ’s right now just doing enoughj work to keep the fight going. Fitch putting on a ground-and-pound clinic. Ninety seconds. Fitch throws off BJ’s leg as he looks for an armbar. BJ can’t figure a way off the cage and is kinda lucky Fitch isn’t posturing up all the way. Fitch hasn’t stopped moving since he got in BJ’s guard. Thirty seconds and Fitch continues to smother Penn with punches and elbows. Damn, well embrace the grind. On this card, BJ Penn is about to get “Just Scrap” tattooed on his chest. Fitch 29-28.

TJ: Fitch hits a big right and pushes through for a takedown. Penn gets it back to feet but gets taken down again. They stand yet again, but Fitch has BJ’s back and takes it to the mat for a third time. It’s more GnP for Fitch. That’ll be the story of the third round. Fitch with some heavy hands laying into Penn for 3 solid minutes. Fitch 10-9. Fitch 29-28. Fight of the Night.

Majority draw (29-28 Fitch, 28-28, 28-28)
Well damn! Now who gets the title shot?

Rogan tries to goad Fitch into saying he wants a rematch. BJ says he didn’t think he didn’t do enough to win the first 2 rounds and that he expected to lose the decision. Says that he would fight Fitch again.

So let’s give out our bonus awards:
Knockout of the Night: Despite the fact that it looked like a Jello ad, we’ve got to give it to K-1 legend Mark Hunt’s KO of Chris Tuchscherer at 2:14 of the 2nd round. That was a hell of an uppercut after Tuchscherer’s eye was ripped open by a left hook early in the first. The only other KO was Bisping’s and with that knee, there’s no way we can give it to that bastard.

Submission of the Night:Tiequan Zhang’s lighting fast guillotine on Jason reinhardt. There were a few good ones tonight, but with as deep as Zhang got his sunk in and as fast as he did it.

Fight of the Night: I’m no fan of draws, but Penn vs. Fitch was the best battle of the night. We saw BJ dominate early, then Fitch put on a ground-and-pound clinic and probably should have won that fight. Now we all get to argue about who gets GSP after he beats Jake Shields.

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