Football + Brackets = Happy Casey

Now, I know it’s been quite a while since any of have posed anything. But the upcoming first College Football Playoff seems like a good time to reverse that lazy trend. So here’s the Bang’s first bracketology for the College Football Playoff. Remember, much like the brackets we do for college basketball, these are our predictions for what the bracket will look like on December 9th. This is not the top 4 teams after this week, because the list would look very different.

#1 Mississippi State
Can Alabama stop Dak Prescott? That’s really the most important question. I say no, hence the Bulldogs continue their run to the top seed. The Tide really can shake everything up this Saturday, but if MSU drops Saban and Co., I see them staying unbeaten this year.

#2 Florida State
Speaking of staying unbeaten, the Seminoles shouldn’t have too many issues doing so either. Miami has looked pretty good the last few weeks, but that’s really the big challenge in conference. Sorry, Duke. The Florida game will be interesting, but there’s no way the Gators’ offense keeps up.

#3 Oregon
The best of the west (hey, I’m a poet and I didn’t know it. Snoogins.) have a walk-over schedule the rest of this month, but will have to get through a tough Sun Devil squad for the PAC-12 title. That’s the biggest question mark of the top 3 that I’ve got, as the upset is very possible. But given recent history, the Ducks stay on track to play for a title.

#4 TCU
And now we get to the biggest reach of the 4. Look, the Horned Frogs need the dominoes to all fall in front of them, and I think they can. They’re only loss is to Baylor, who could just as easily be here as well, but the Bears have the rougher road to hoe. TCU’s toughest test is a trip to the Jekyll and Hyde Longhorns. Baylor has their last 3 at home, but they have to get past Oklahoma State and Kansas State and I’m calling one of them to sneak up on the Bears.

Next Two Out – Ohio State and Alabama
The Buckeyes and J.T. Barrett showed me a lot of something against Michigan State. That’s going to be their toughest game of the year, so their biggest hurdle will be trying to stop Abdullah and Nebraska in the title game.
The Tide will try to sneak in (along with the rest of the SEC West) at the #4, but as my top seed sets some things in place, the SEC West would then be two 2-loss teams and 2 3-loss teams. And don’t even start the arguments. A two or three-loss team does not deserve to make the top 4, regardless of how hard the league is. Especially when two undefeateds are rightfully in.

Outside Looking In – Baylor, Arizona State
Either team can sneak in with a conference title. Actually the Sun Devils could throw the 3 & 4 seeds into chaos with an upset win over Oregon in Santa Clara. Baylor pretty much controls their destiny. All they have to do is win out and I’d say they could make a claim on that fourth seed. But that’s not how I see it shaking out.

Got something to say about our bracket? Leave us a comment here or hit us up on our Twitter feeds (@Interrobangspts, @BangCasey, @IBSportsArmando). We promise to actually start, you know, using those regularly.

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