We Want to Hear from YOU!

Dearest Bang Faithful,

We want to hear from YOU, dear readers (or if you listen to the Bangcast – and you damn well BETTER – then dear listeners as well). We want to make this experience as good for you as possible, and we welcome any and all feedback – positive, negative, funny, serious, emotionally damaging, visually disturbing, “that’s what SHE said” jokes – we’ll take it all. There are several avenues that you can use:
Comment on the posts! This is the easiest and quickest way to interact with us, and we will make sure to respond to comments as much as we can.
Email us! Another way to garner a meaningful response from us is via our official Interrobang email address, interrobangsports@gmail.com. Like the comments, we will try our hardest to respond to all emails.
Send us a message on Twitter! Our handle is @interrobangspts – follow us and send us messages, and as you already guessed, we will try our damnedest to respond. Also please retweet our posts if you like ’em – every little bit helps!
– (COMING SOON) Friend and Like us on Facebook! We don’t have our page set-up yet, but this should be dropping in the next few weeks, so be on the lookout.
– Lather/rinse/repeat! If you like what you see, keep coming back for more. We’re getting bigger and better all the time, and you’ll be impressed with what we have coming down the pipe… and if you’re NOT impressed, we will take your feedback seriously and use it to give YOU, dear readers/listeners, the best time that you can. Because that’s what the Bang is here for: YOU.

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