Casey’s Bracketology Attempt

Let me first off say that this is, hands-down, the most difficult thing I have ever done for this blog. It’s a project that’s legitimately taken about 7 hours of work. I have no idea how Joe Lunardi can do this every few days, while retaining knowledge about more than 300 basketball teams. My hat goes off to you Mr. Lunardi. So without getting into too much analysis, here’s what my bracket looks like on February 23. And also, there was little reasoning put into where I put teams. I tried to use the pod system for the top 4 seeds in a region until I read that the committee is trying to get away from that system if they can. At a certain point, I just said screw it and put teams where they fit best and so that they wouldn’t face a conference opponent in the 3rd round. The Big East made that a little difficult.

My #1 line looks like most: Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Texas and Duke.
The rest of my top seeds and the whole bracket are after the jump.

#2: Kansas,  BYU, Notre Dame, Purdue
#3: San Diego State, Georgetown, Florida, Louisville
#4: Villanova, Arizona, Texas A&M;, Wisconsin

Here’s the rest of the bracket (I apologize for my horrid handwriting):

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