Diaz vs. Cyborg or Armando V.: Pursuit of Perfection

Well, it took almost 10 months but we finally had someone pick a perfect night. Last night’s Strikeforce show was the third straight solid night of fights the company has put on and I really hope that it will continue with Fedor vs. Silva. I’d like to see real, healthy competition in the American MMA scene but this heavyweight GP seems like a one-way ticket to irrelevance. But that’s a few weeks away. Let’s focus on the present and last night.

First a few of my thoughts:

  • Roger Gracie may be the next Brazilian to watch. He’s got the best chance to carry on the family name.
  • Herschel Walker has convinced me. He could walk on to almost any NFL team and be a legit 3rd down back. Hell, he’d be the featured back in Cleveland. That man’s traps are ridiculous. Now, let’s get him some better competition and more than 1 fight a year.
  • Robbie Lawler may have been Jacare’s toughest fight so far. I think Cung Le is the only guy they’ve got signed right now that people would buy as a challenger at middleweight. Strikeforce could use a few regional signings to build up to a title eliminator over the next few months.
  • Nick Diaz’s armbar on Cyborg was the worst looking since the Steve Cantwell cross armbar on Razak Al-Hassan at the first Fight for the Troops in Dec. 2009. And by worse, I mean that for the recipient. 

If you didn’t catch the fights, Showtime’s put together a great recap of the main card here: http://is.gd/t0eq6x

And on to the perfection. As much as it pains me to say, I have to congratulate Armando on his pristine 4-0 record last night. But if I counted right, I can take some solace in the fact that he couldn’t take the lead away from me. Yet.

Fight Armando Casey TJ Result
Gracie vs. Prangley Gracie Gracie Prangley Gracie via submission (RNC) at 4:19 of the 1st
Carson vs. Walker Walker Walker Walker Walker via TKO (punches) at 3:13 of the 1st
Jacare vs. Lawler Jacare Lawler Lawler Jacare via submission (RNC) at 2:00 of the 3rd
Diaz vs. Cyborg Diaz Diaz Diaz Diaz via submission (cross armbar) at 4:50 of the 2nd

One month down, eleven to go in the 2011 MMA Challenge. February will feature four events, as both Strikeforce and the UFC will hold 2 cards each. Anderson Silva will defend the UFC Middleweight title next Saturday night at UFC 126, the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix gets under way on February 13 with Fedor vs. Silva, Lyle Beerbohm and Pat Healy headline a Strikeforce Challengers card on Feb. 18 and the UFC returns to Australia as B.J. Penn looks to win his 2nd straight fight at 170 when he takes on perennial welterweight contender Jon Fitch. And as always, you can expect top notch analysis for all these events right here on the Interrobang. As for our standings, they look like this:

Picker Wins Losses Draws Pct. GB
Casey 12 6 1 .632
Armando 11 7 1 .579 1
TJ 8 10 1 .421 4

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