Fight for the Troops Pics

I want to start by thanking the UFC, the Fisher family, and the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund for putting on a fantastic show at Fort Hood, TX. Of course, the show wouldn’t be much without the fighters, and all of them were very gracious and interacted with the Soldiers as much as humanly possible both before and after the show. It was an unreal experience for a fight fan and I couldn’t have been more impressed by the guys I met there.

These pics should have been up earlier, but I was slacking a bit on this one. More to the point, I was trying to figure out if I’ve ever taken a picture in which my face didn’t look drunk, stoned, or mentally challenged. I’ve concluded that there have been a total of 4 pictures where I looked good…and none of them are in this set. Nonetheless, here we go…


A few autographs

Mitrione was great at the after party

Me and the Champ

The Iceman will always be a fan favorite

Dana White doing a meet and greet

The pictures you really wanted to see

A real hero – Brian Stann

Frankie Edgar was great. And I’m not drunk

The voice of the UFC

Me-lo and Stitch (bad joke)

Warm-ups in the octagon

Cody was all about the Soldiers before his match


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