New Year’s Eve Bowls and Our Results

Well, some things have changed after yesterday. First, who saw Washington coming? None of us. Kansas State was robbed by the misapplication of the excessive celebration rule. Army got their first bowl win since the mid-80’s, and I’m pissed that I gave up on the Music City Bowl with about a minute and a half left, assuming UNC was done. So now this is how things stand. Armando is still on top at 11-7, I jumped into second place at 9-9 and TJ slid to last at 8-10. He went 0-4 yesterday.

My time and ability yo stay awake is quickly diminishing so let me just give you our picks for today’s game awith my apologies and hopes that I can do more of a preview tomorrow. We’ll also have to see how much the sauce interfers with that.

Meineke Car Care Bowl: Clemson vs. South Florida
Armando: USF
Casey and TJ: Clemson

Sun Bowl: Miami vs. Notre Dame
Armando and Casey: Miami
TJ: Notre Dame

Liberty Bowl: Central Florida vs. Georgia
Armando and TJ: Georgia
Casey: UCF

Chick-fil-a Bowl: Florida State vs. South Carolina
Casey and TJ: The Ole Ball Coach and South Carolina
Armando: Florida State

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