NFL Week 17 Picks

Salutations, faithful Bangers?! This is Armondo V., the Not-So-Latin Lover, taking the place of one TJ for this week’s NFL picks… and what a week it will be. 9 teams are already clinched, and 7 more have a chance to go to the postseason based on the outcomes of this week’s games. These games are also significant for a different reason: these may be the last regular season games we get to watch for a while, depending on if a lockout happens or not.

Here are Week 16’s stats, and might I say another rousing performance by yours truly.

Week 16 NFL Pick Standings
Picker Wins Losses Push
Armondo 8 8 0
T.J. 5 11 0
Casey 4 12 0

And here are the current standings:

Overall NFL Pick Standings
Picker Wins Losses Push GB
Armondo 128 106 7 Nope
T.J. 113 120 7 15
Casey 97 136 7 31

Now for the picks:

Week 17 Picks
Game T.J. Casey Armondo Comments
Panthers at Falcons (-14.5) Falcons Falcons Falcons
Steelers at Browns (+6) Steelers Steelers Steelers
Vikings at Lions (EVEN) Vikings Lions Vikings
Raiders at Chiefs (-4) Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs
Dolphins at Patriots (-3) Patriots Patriots Dolphins
Buccaneers at Saints (-8) Saints Buccaneers Saints
Bills at Jets (EVEN) Bills Bills Jets
Bengals at Ravens (-10) Ravens Bengals Ravens
Chargers at Broncos (+3.5) Broncos Chargers Broncos
Bears at Packers (EVEN) Packers Packers Packers
Titans at Colts (-9.5) Titans Titans Colts
Cowboys at Eagles (EVEN) Cowboys Eagles Eagles
Cardinals at 49ers (-6.5) 49ers Cardinals Cardinals
Giants at Redskins (+4) Giants Giants Giants
Jaguars at Texans (+2.5) Texans Texans Jaguars
Rams at Seahawks (+2.5) Rams Rams Rams

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