UFC 142 Live Blog

We are live! Checking out the UFC on Xbox Live stream tonight from the Bang HQ West. So far the HD stream looks pretty. I think this may be my best future viewing option since there’s no bars in this backward ass town that shows fight cards. Sure I could leave town, but Portland’s a five-hour drive. Anyway, enough of my bitching, let’s get to the action!

Edson Barboza vs. Terry Etim
Round 1
8 seconds in Etim goes for the takedown and stuff right away. Barboza with some strong leg kicks. that’s what helped him take out Pearson. Etim with a nice takedown and Barboza with a pretty sweep gets Etim right off him and up to the feet. Leg kick of death from the Brazilian! Etim’s boxing looking kind of crisp, but still rough. Good exchange of lefts, Barboza still getting the best on the feet, then a nice counter. Stuffs another takedown from Etim. Terry Etim’s left leg is getting brutalized. Spinning back kick to the gut to lock up the round for Edson Barboza.
Barboza 10-9

Round 2
It’s a kicking duel to open the round. Etim with a double low-high combo, backing Barboza down, but Barboza just has Etim’s distance and timing down. Another counter. Barboza working the body. Etim starting to get some shots though to the body, but he’s taking a bunch of punches and kicks. My let is starting to hurt for Terry Etim’s leg. Etim start to push the pace around the 3 minute mark. Got Barboza down but he popped right back up. Etim goes for hte back, bit Barboza spins out and is free. Damn. Vicious body shot from Barboza. Barboza picking Etim apart on the feet and surprising everyone with his takedown defense.
Barboza 10-9, 20-18

Round 3
Etim needs to come out swinging, he’s way behind. Etim trying to be aggressive, there’s a jump kick. Barboza starting to walk down Etim. SPIN FACE KICK!!!!! HOLY SHIT! Rewind Time! GOODNIGHT IRENE! That was the most spectacular KO I have ever seen!
Edson Barboza wins by f’n insane KO at 2:02 of Round 3

Carlo Prater vs. Erick Silva
Round 1
They circle, we get a Kmart promo, Prater goes for the single and eats a knee. Silva is all over him! And just like that! Prater is holding his shoulder. Hold up a second… we may have a DQ here. Yamasaki talking to Silva right now. When did Yamasaki learn Portuguese? Official decision DQ for illegal blows. WTF, they all look like legal shots! Rogan is reading Yamasaki the riot act. Rogan roastin Yamasaki in the middle of the Octagon. Get the car ready. Mario want to make for the airport now. Erick Silva showing class here. I can see where Yamasaki may have gotten confused, but he should have warned first. Tough judgment call and he’s going to take a ton of grief for it.
Carlo Prater wins via disqualification (illegal strikes to the back of the head)

Mike Massenzio vs. Rousimar Palhares
Round 1
Leg kicks early. OH! Another cup shot and another cup analysis from Joe Rogan. Up and in glancing blow and we get back to action. Massenzio pushing the pace. Palhares with the quick takedown and right back up. Palhares pulls Massenzio down on top of him. Leg lock and it is over! That is sick how fast he can lock those in! Beautiful. Just pulled guard as Massenzio came in, elevates and rolls and sinks it in tight.
Palhares wins via submission (heel hook) at 1:01 of Round 1

Vitor Belfort vs. Anthony Johnson
Round 1
I’m not sure why, but I get this feeling that Vitor is over in Rio. He is, in fact, way over judging from the crowd pop when he walked into the arena. Johnson opens with a few kicks. Catches a Vitor high kick and is on top of Belfort. Stands up and a BIG shot reentering Belfort’s guard. Belfort catches Rumble in the back of the dome and Mirgliotta stands them up. Johnson goes for the single and Vitor sprawls. The crowd is singing to Belfort. This is a soccer crowd at a fight. Johnson misses big and Belfort lands a big knee. A scramble and Rumble is back in Belfort’s guard. Shoulder butt from Rumble. Johnson not doing too much to improve his position and they get stood back up. Rumble is ultra-agressive, shoots in. Belfort lands a couple of shots and Belfort takes his back. Vitor trying to lock up the body, opens up Rumble with shots. 40 seconds left and Rumble is eating power shots. Flattened out and the RNC is DEEEEP!
Vitor Belfort wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:49 of Round 1

Featherweight Championship: Jose Aldo (c) vs. Chad Mendes
Round 1
Mendes opens with the inside leg kick, maybe trying to beat the champ to the punch. Aldo lands a big one. Hope Faber showed him his leg after his fight with Aldo. Working each other’s timing out right now. Mendes is very aware of that leg kick. Another big one. Mendes, you gotta check that. Ooh, not with your balls though. HUGH uppercut from the champ, Mendes gets deep on a single and Aldo stuffs him. As I pointed out to Armando he’s stuffed 95% of takedown attempts and that’s the best mark in UFC history. And stuffs another one as I typed that. Mendes trying to work the jab without getting taken out at the legs. Tries the combs but comes up short. Eats a leg kick to go for the double but Aldo stuffs him. Mendes almost had him slammed but the champ grabs the fence! Mendes still has the waistlock. This crowd is hot! Mendes tries again. Aldo spins around out of the waistlock, KNEE, MENDES IS OUT!! ALDO’S in the crowd! The champ is out in the people getting mobbed! Aldo is trying to hug the entire city of Rio and security is trying to protect him and he keeps trying to pull away. This is probably the best celebration in the history of the game. Mendes just realized what hemisphere he’s in and we finally got Aldo back in the cage for the decision.
Jose Aldo wins via KO (knee to face) at 4:59 of round 1

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