College Football: The Penultimate Picks

It was rivalry week in the world of college football, but the foundation for the rest of the season was set this weekend. I hope you’ve had a great Thanksgiving weekend, hope you got plenty of turkey and naps, hope your team won (unless you’re a Michigan fan), and hope you’ve gotten to blast a TSO album or 4. Here’s how we did this week. For more on what we thought of this week’s action, the shakeup in the BCS, and a bit on whose going bowling where, check out this week’s BangCast on Wednesday night.

As for this competition, well it’s pretty much over. With only one more week left in the regular season, I’ve got a 6 game lead on TJ and would have to make some pretty horrid picks to surrender all of that in one week. College football is the first in our fall picking treble. But it doesn’t look like anyone’s going to be a triple winner this year. The bowl challenge starts in a few weeks and everyone get’s reset to zero then.

Game Armando Casey TJ Score
#21 Arizona vs. #1 Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon 48-29
#2 Auburn @ #11 Alabama Auburn Auburn Alabama Auburn 28-27
#4 Boise State @ #19 Nevada Nevada Boise St. Boise St. Nevada 34-31 OT
Michigan @ #8 Ohio State Ohio St. Ohio St. Ohio St. Ohio St. 37-7
#5 LSU @ #12 Arkansas LSU Arkansas LSU Arkansas 31-23
#13 Oklahoma @ #9 Oklahoma State Oklahoma Oklahoma St. Oklahoma Oklahoma 47-41
#18 South Carolina @ Clemson South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina 29-7
BYU @ #20 Utah BYU Utah Utah Utah 17-16
Florida @ #22 Florida State Florida Florida St. Florida St. Florida St. 31-7
#23 North Carolina State @ Maryland NC St. NC St. NC St. Maryland 38-31
West Virginia @ Pittsburgh WVU Pitt Pitt West Virginia 35-10
Notre Dame @ USC USC USC Notre Dame Notre Dame 20-16
Georgia Tech @ Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia 42-34
This week’s picks
Picker Wins Losses
TJ 9 4
Armando 8 5
Casey 8 5
Overall Standings
Picker Wins Losses Pct. GB
Casey 93 38 .710
TJ 87 44 .664 6
Armando 79 52 .603 14

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