NFL Week 12 Picks

It’s Thanksgiving week, and I think any football fan would be thankful for the amazing matchups that will be taking place this week. Not only does NCAA football have some of the best games of the season taking place on Friday and Saturday, but the NFL book-ends the weekend with Thursday and Sunday games (with the Monday punctuation mark).

Marquee games for Sunday include the Packers visiting the Falcons, Chargers at Colts, Eagles at Bears, Bucs at Ravens, and Saints at Cowboys – in a game that would not have been enticing until two weeks ago.

The bottom line for Week 12 is that I would NOT want to be wagering money on half the games as the spread stands now. Too many traps. Sure, I think Cleveland will beat Carolina – with or without Colt McCoy – but do I think they beat them by 11pts? Is a 7-3 Baltimore squad really 9pts better than a 7-3 Tampa Bay? Will the San Diego road problems travel with them to Indianapolis, or will the Colts continue to struggle?

Last week, the Bang crew got a little bit of our swagger back. Our Week 11 picks were what we expected to be getting all along. Sadly, it may be a little late in the season to be hitting our stride (are we the San Diego Chargers or the Dallas Cowboys?).

Here’s our stats through last week:

Week 11 picks
Picker Wins Losses Push
T.J. 11 4 1
Armando 11 4 1
Casey 8 7 1
Overall Standings
Picker Wins Losses Push GB
Armondo 79 75 6
T.J. 72 82 6 7
Casey 66 88 6 13

That’s right. A remarkable comeback that would make Jimmie Johnson (the NASCAR guy, not the retiree with the penis drugs) envious. Armondo gets back over .500 and gives us a glimmer of credibility. It’s a proud day.

Anyway, with so many great games to be played, this week gets harder. So without further ado:

Week 12 Picks (spread as of Tuesday)
Game T.J. Casey Armondo Commentary
Saints at Cowboys +3.5 Saints Saints Saints Dallas is playing well, but the Saints have been rolling. Plus, New Orleans NEEDS to win if they want a playoff BYE.
Bengals at Jets -9.5 Jets Jets Jets I’m not sure they can make the spread wide enough as the Bengals are hapless and hopeless. Revis will look to KO T.O. and there’s not much he can do about it.
Patriots at Lions +7 Patriots Patriots Patriots It’s Thanksgiving tradition: The Lions will lose to a superior team.
Vikings at Redskins -3 Vikings Redskins Redskins Is firing the head coach mid-season a formula for success? We’ll find out.
Steelers at Bills -7 Steelers Steelers Steelers The Bills are riding high after their first consecutive wins since Wks 6 and 7 of last year. However, the Steelers have a defense…
Titans at Texans -7 Texans Titans Texans The Texan D is anemic. But who is gonna torch the secondary? Surely not Moss. And if he does, who will throw it to him?
Jaguars at Giants -8 Jaguars Giants Jaguars Both teams are 6-4, but recent games could not be more different. Everything is going their way for Jacksonville.
Panthers at Browns -10.5 Browns Browns Panthers No Colt for Cleveland, but defense is still there. Carolina is by far the worst team in the league. This 10.5pt spread smells like a trap.
Bucs at Ravens -8.5 Ravens Ravens Bucs The Ravens D scored TDs on consecutive drives last week. Yeah, Tampa is a little better than Carolina, but still.
Eagles at Bears +3 Eagles Eagles Eagles A possible playoff preview with teams who just can’t seem to lose. It’s a little more inexplicable for the Bears, though.
Packers at Falcons -3 Falcons Falcons Falcons Serious match-up here between two of the best teams in the league. Injuries be damned, the Packers are tough. The Falcons have just been amazing to watch all year.
Dolphins at Raiders -3 Raider Raiders Raiders Oakland had a set back in Pittsburgh, but that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Miami is starting Tyler Thigpen. Must I continue?
Chiefs at Seahawks +2 Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs If this season has taught us anything, it’s that the NFC West sucks more than the AFC West. And the SEC.
Rams at Broncos -3.5 Broncos Rams Rams The Rams have been bad on the road. The Broncos have been bad everywhere. Another great game between AFC and NFC West teams.
Chargers at Colts -3 Chargers Chargers Chargers Manning played well, but had 3INTs. Those are the types of mistakes that Rivers hasn’t been making.
49ers at Cardinals +1.5 49ers 49ers 49ers The two worst teams in the worst division in the NFL playing on Monday Night Football. Well, at least I won’t be tired at work on Tuesday.

There you have it. I would also like to add that the over/under on passes that Jay Cutler completes to Asante Samuel is 2. That’s also the line for sacks that James Harrison has on Ryan Fitzpatrick, sacks by Shaun Phillips on Peyton Manning, and times I say, “The Vikings need to bench Brett Favre before I lose my pick!” on Sunday.

That being said, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. And remember that if you don’t hate yourself on Friday, you didn’t eat enough on Thursday. Enjoy the Holiday.

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