Why We Actually Hate Tim Tebow (‘s Coverage)

Hate is too strong a word. I don’t hate Tim Tebow. He’s probably a very friendly guy who is generous with his time for his fans and who you would have a very pleasant conversation with if you met him at a party. He’s a deeply religious guy and I’ve got no problem with that. That is usually no where on the list is his religion. First off, let’s get that out of the way. I’m pretty sick of the media focusing on that and saying his faith is why he’s getting so much hate. I’ve never come across someone say they hate him because he loves Jesus. Sorry to kill your narrative Fox. The real reason folks, is that we’re already burnt out on Tebow. Which is sad for a guy that’s succeeding after a season and a half in the NFL. But when you factor in the four years ESPN spent cramming him down our throats while he was at Florida and it’s a little more understandable. Need some examples? Well, he’s a summary of various sports and news websites after the Broncos beat the Steelers Sunday night:

Not to mention the fact that Fox Sports now has their own “Heat Index” just for Timmy:

And if that’s not bad enough, this is going on right now on Sportscenter:

I’ll answer your question without the hour-long special. YOUR the reason Tebow is so polarizing. You, ESPN and you Fox Sports, Sports Illustrated, Yahoo Sports, etc. You guys fell in love with him and are stunned when football fans start a backlash against 24-7 Tebow. That and the fact that Skip Bayless has been riding the Tebow bandwagon more than anyone else. Man, I can’t stand that guy. I’d rather listen to Colin Cowherd for 6 hours straight than have to listen to Bayless tell us all how right he was about Tim. So, media, is that a clear enough answer for you? We don’t hate Tim Tebow because of anything Tim Tebow’s done. We  hate what you’ve done to him. Any questions?

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