A Quiet Week? I think not…

Alright, so the #1 team in the land didn’t go down for the 3rd straight week. But this was still a helluva week in college football. Six undefeated teams hit the road, and only three came back untouched. Missouri and Michigan State got dominated by Nebraska and Iowa respectively. Nebraska was up on the Tigers 24-0 after the first quarter and never looked back, just running all over Mizzou. Iowa punched Michigan State in the mouth, went up 30-0 at the half, and kept Kirk Cousins and the Spartan rushing attack off balance all day. Auburn, Oregon, and TCU all kept their undefeated seasons going after “Roadblock Saturday” (and yes, I hate myself for using that one. Someone has got to get through to ESPN that every week of the season doesn’t need a marketing campaign attached to it).
Only two upsets in the top 25: NC State over #16 Florida State 28-24 and Virginia over #22 Miami 24-19. FSU was the victim of their own mistakes, losing on a last minute fumble. Miami lost preseason Heisman candidate Jacory Harris in the first quarter and struggled to get going until the 4th quarter. Four interceptions from Harris’ backups didn’t help either. So in one afternoon, the ACC division title races got thrown into disarray, although FSU can still coast into the ACC Title game if they can control their turnover problems.

Speaking of division races, does anyone else believe in the Baylor Bears? They’ll be underdogs in two of their last three games (@ Oklahoma State next week and Oklahoma to finish the season), but they have that upset ability and have a shot to win the Big 12 South. Yes, it’s an outside shot despite the fact that they sit on top of the division right now. But OU finishes on the road at Baylor and OSU, and if BU can pull an upset over one of those 2, they have a shot at getting to the Big 12 title game. Regardless, they’ll go bowling for the first time since 1994 and you have to applaud the young men from Waco.

Now onto the Big Ten and the now muddled title race. With Michigan State falling, the Big Ten now has no legitimate shot at a national title game berth. Now, it’s all about the Rose Bowl and Ohio State, Michigan State, Iowa, and Wisconsin all still have a shot at the roses with one loss each. Now, OSU still has to go to Iowa, and Ohio State and Wisconsin still both have to go to the Big House. So plenty could change. But this could turn out to be one of the more interesting Big 10 title races in a long time and we could once again see 3 co-champions. Although, that will change very soon. Thank you Nebraska.

Before we wrap up here, don’t let me forget to plug the all-new BangCast! Armando, TJ and I are gonna start arguing on the air instead of just here in print. So even more Bang! in convenient bite-size, podcast form. Look for it here later this week when we argue about the impending UFC-WEC merger. And you thought we’d forgot about that didn’t you?

UPDATE: New BCS Standings
#1 Oregon 
#2 Auburn 
#3 TCU
#4 Boise State
#5 Utah
#6 Alabama
#7 Nebraska
#8 Oklahoma
#9 Wisconsin
#10 LSU

With all of that, let’s take a look at how we did and I want you to zero in on Nebraska, Baylor, and UCF. Take a look at the only guy to pick them. This guy!

Game Armando Casey TJ Winner
#16 Florida State @ NC State NC State Florida State Florida State NC State
#2 Oregon @ USC Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon
#5 Michigan State @ #18 Iowa Michigan State Michigan State Michigan State Iowa
#6 Missouri @ #16 Nebraska Missouri Nebraska Missouri Nebraska
#17 Oklahoma State @ Kansas State Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Oklahoma State
#25 Baylor @ Texas Texas Baylor Texas Baylor
Michigan @ Penn State Michigan Michigan Michigan Penn State
Syracuse @ Cincinnati Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse
Florida vs. Georgia Florida Florida Florida Florida
Texas A&M; @ Texas Tech Texas A&M; Texas A&M; Texas A&M; Texas A&M;
East Carolina @ UCF East Carolina Central Florida East Carolina UCF

Week 8 Picks
Picker Wins Losses
Casey 8 3
Armando 6 5
TJ 5 6
Overall Standings, 3 weeks to go
Picker Wins Losses Pct. GB
Casey 58 23 .716
TJ 51 30 .630 7
Armando 48 33 .593 10

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