Bellator 34 Wrap

Well, in one week the indomitable was dominated and the unbeatable was beaten. That would have been Brock Lesnar and Megumi Fujii. Thursday was a heck of a night that did a good job of messing up our records, well Armando turned out alright.

Fight Armando Casey TJ Winner
Mike Bernhard vs. Dragan Tesanovic Bernhard Tesanovic Tesanovic Bernhard
Megumi Fujii vs. Zoila Frausto Fujii Fujii Fujii Frausto
Hector Lombard vs. Alexander Shlemenko Lombard Lombard Lombard Lombard

Overall Standings
Picker Wins Losses Draws Pct. GB
TJ 36 19 1 .643
Armando 34 21 1 .607 2
Casey 33 22 1 .589 3

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