NFL Week 8 Picks

Week 7 was another exciting week for NFL fans. The Steelers pulled out a tough (if controversial) win over the Dolphins. The Ravens kept pace with their division rivals by edging out the lowly Bills in OT. The Bills are the league’s only remaining team without a win after the Carolina Panthers defeated San Francisco. The Raiders ran roughshod over the Broncos. And Dallas lost another game AND Tony Romo.

There were no fines or suspensions levied for helmet hits this week, and the new defensive mentality was obvious. The games averaged a combined 52.6ppg – the league’s highest one week scoring average in 27 years. Although, to be fair, the 65 turnovers committed in Wk 7 were the most this season, and 8 of those resulted in defensive touchdowns.

And, oh yeah, the Cleveland Browns picked up their second win of the season at the expense of the New Orleans Saints – marking the 3rd straight season in which the Brownies have defeated the defending champs.

Needless to say (though I’ll say it anyway), the Bang crew’s picks a bit off again. However, with 2 games pushing and Armondo turning in an 8-4 week, it was only our second week at .500 (with me dragging down the percentage). Here’s how we look through Week 7:

Week 7 picks
Picker Wins Losses Push
T.J. 6 6 2
Armando 8 4 2
Casey 7 5 2
Overall Standings
Picker Wins Losses Push GB
Armondo 50 50 4
T.J. 44 56 4 6
Casey 43 57 4 7

We now turn to Week 8 with renewed vigor to try to right our ship.

Week 8 Picks (spread as of Thursday)
Game T.J. Casey Armondo Commentary
Dolphins @ Bengals -2.5 Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins The sea-mammals are bitter about last week’s loss to Pit. So, they’ll help out the Steelers by beating a division rival.
Jaguars @ Cowboys -6.5 Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys The Boys lost Romo and the offense didn’t slow down at all. In fact, they may have gotten better.
Redskins @ Lions -2.5 Redskins Lions Lions Washington has been winning, but barely. The Lions have been losing, barely. Toss up.
Bills @ Chiefs -7.5 Chiefs Bills Chiefs The Bills took the Ravens into OT, and played well enough to win. They didn’t, and that’s the whole story.
Panthers @ Rams -3.5 Rams Rams Rams Panthers finally nabbed a W, but may play this one without DeAngelo Williams. The Rams are 3-1 at home.
Packers @ Jets -6.5 Jets Jets Jets Green Bay hasn’t been playing up to expectations while the Jets continue to prove that their confidence was not just hubris.
Broncos @ 49ers -1 49ers Broncos Broncos After a beating by the Raiders, it would take a game against a 1-6 squad to get back on track. Oh, how the football gods laugh.
Titans @ Chargers -3.5 Titans Titans Titans The Chargers are only favored because they are at home. We’re not buying it. The Titans are one of the most well-rounded teams in the NFL.
Seahawks @ Raiders -2.5 Seahawks Raiders Raiders Seattle is 4-2. Oakland is 3-4. Their point differentials are nearly identical. It’s anyone’s game.
Vikings @ Patriots -5.5 Patriots Patriots Patriots All the talk has been about Favre. Does it matter if he plays? The Vikes are 2-4 and the Pats are 5-1. Unless Favre developed superpowers this week, they ain’t winning.
Bucs @ Cardinals -3.5 Buccaneers Cardinals Cardinals The 4-2 Bucs get no respect. The Cardinals have been overachieving at 3-3. Maybe this one will turn the tide.
Steelers @ Saints -1 Steelers Steelers Steelers The Saints look like a shell of their former selves, and the Steelers continue to impress. A 1 point spread doesn’t seem like justice.
Texans @ Colts -5.5 Colts Texans Colts Was Week 1 a fluke? Will Foster have a repeat performance. This game is a fantasy football wet dream (it’ll end in embarrassment).

We’ll see how these picks turn out in 3 days. In the meantime, all you Bangers out there (can I call you that for reading this?) can look forward to our podcast starting next week. We won’t leave you hanging here, but we’ve decided to reach out to the blind and illiterate population with our seductive audio stylings.

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