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I have to apologize here but I’m dumping all of the week’s college football and MMA picks at once because everyone here at the Bang! has got a busy weekend ahead of them. Armando has some vacation time saved up and is taking part in his favorite pasttime: poker. Steelers and I will be at the wedding of a friend and will likely bore the bejeebus out of our dates as we blather on and on about Brock Lesnar, James Harrison, concussions, the BCS, fantasy football, and 19th century Scottish poets.

So let’s start with college football as we have plenty of interesting matchups which could screw with the BCS Standings. After the last few weeks, anything can truly happen.

Game Armando Casey Steelers Comments
#1 Oklahoma @ #11 Missouri Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma OU is 7-0 vs. Mizzou under Bob Stoops. In fact, the Tigers are 1-20 all time vs. OU. Steelers: “they won’t let the #1 rank get to them…because they probably don’t deserve it…until they win this one”
#6 LSU @ #4 Auburn Auburn Auburn Auburn The home team is 9-1 in the last 10 meetings, but LSU has dominated the last two games. Question is, does LSU have an answer for Cam Newton?
#13 Wisconsin @ #15 Iowa Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin The Hawkeyes are actually big favorites at home (-200), but can the defense keep Clay and White in check a week after an emotional win?
#16 Nebraska @ #14 Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Nebraska Nebraska The Cowboys have won 2 straight, but Big Red is looking to bounce back after being embarrassed at home by Texas.
Washington @ #18 Arizona Arizona Arizona Washington Remember last year’s miracle in Seattle? The tipped pass that lead to the interception and a 36-33 Huskie win? The Wildcats sure do.
#22 Kansas State @ Baylor Kansas State Baylor Kansas State Never thought I’d pick Baylor’s football team, but Robert Griffin has got the Bears looking like they can get to a bowl for the first time since 1994. They’ll need the win this week because the rest of their schedule is hell: @ Texas, @ OK St., Texas A&M;, Oklahoma.
Notre Dame @ Navy Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame Steelers:”I always hate picking Notre Dame, but it’s Navy.”
Armando: “ND to keep a 3-0 streak alive after starting 1-3.”
North Carolina @ Miami Miami Miami Miami Armando: “MIA to keep T.J. Yates in check and secure the W.”
Air Force @ #5 TCU TCU TCU TCU Armando: “TCU to keep people wondering if them and BSU are really gonna try to ruin the BCS title game this year.”
Steelers: “I like Air Force and wish they could win, but I like the odds of TCU v. BSU in a BCS Game – again – even better.”

Now onto MMA, as UFC 121 is the biggest card of the second half of 2010 with just about every fight with blockbuster potential.

Fight Armando Casey Steelers Comments
Patrick Cote vs. Tom Lawlor Cote Cote Cote Half of the draw for this fight will be Lawlor’s weigh-in and/or entrance. He has one of the most entertaining personalities in MMA.
Armando: “Patrick Côté… not this one, but this one. Same situation as Diego Sanchez – a must win. Lawlor’s in the same spot, but he can’t hang with Côté’s jits, and frankly he’s out of Côté’s league. Note to Côté: maybe you would win more fights without all those diacritic marks to worry about. Just a suggestion.”
Bravo and 10 points to Armando for the use of the word “diacritic”.
Ryan Jensen vs. Court McGee McGee McGee McGee Armando: “McGee, because he has one of the most riveting stories I’ve ever heard before. And because he’s not too shabby of a fighter either.”
Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Brendan Schaub Schaub Gonzaga Schaub Armando: “Both men have beaten Chris Tuchscherer in the 1st via TKO. How neat is that? Anyway, Schaub is the more athletic fighter, and has enough experience now in his 8th fight to avoid Gonzaga’s attacks and dish out some of his own.”
Diego Sanchez vs. Paulo Thiago Sanchez Sanchez Thiago Once again, I yield the flood to Armando’s astute commentary: “Diego Sanchez. I don’t think he’s as bad as he came off during his fight against Hathaway, and he knows that this is probably his last chance at a main card if he doesn’t pull down the W. Thiago will get outstriked and will be dominated once he gets taken down. If Sanchez can’t win this fight, then he doesn’t belong in the bigs.”
Matt Hamill vs. Tito Ortiz Hamill Hamill Hamill Armando: “Tito Ortiz is old, overrated, has not won in his last 4 fights (a stretch dating back to 2006), and might have had something to do with the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. One of these 4 statements is false. Your call.”
Martin Kampmann vs. Jake Shields Shields Shields Shields Armando: “Jake Shields is so boring that he’s gonna fucking destroy a top WW prospect en-route to a very evenly-matched fight with GSP next year. Not so funny? It’s not meant to be. It’s Jake Shields. Deal with it.
Heavyweight Championship: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Cain Velasquez Lesnar Lesnar Lesnar As unstoppable as Brock has been, I hope we’re all wrong. Lesnar has improved vastly since his first UFC fight and showed improving ju jitsu in submitting Shane Carwin. But Velasquez has heavy hands like Carwin, a wrestling pedigree like Lesnar, and a purple belt in ju jitsu. While he will be at a weight disadvantage, he may be able to work from a dominated position. Either way, he’ll be Lesnar’s most complete test.

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