Week 6 Picks Recap

Week 6 was another gloriously baffling day in the world of our picks. Armondo had an off week after finally achieving the coveted .500, and Casey and I gained on him. However, our prognostications were not good enough to catch up.

The season has not been kind to us. Not counting the pushes, we are a combined 116-148 for the season (.439). Pitiful, but still better than the AFC West (.391) and only slightly worse than the NFC West (.454 – thank you, 49ers!).

We’re trying. Believe me, we’d all be better off if SD could win a road game or if the Lions would just lose a decent amount every once in a while.

In close spreads (defined as >/= 4.5pts) we have struggled to keep up with the favorites. Favorites have covered these games 48% of the time while our picks have only been correct 45%. In games with spreads of 5pts or higher, we are nearly identical: 43.7% for them, 43.2% for us. And we pick the double-digit spreads more often than they cover: 50% v. 30%.

I’m still not sure where our problem lies, but we’ve got 10 more weeks of football to figure it out.

Without further ado or explanation here’s how we look through Week 6:

Week 6 picks
Picker Wins Losses Push
Steelers 7 7 0
Armando 5 9 0
Casey 8 6 0
Overall Standings
Picker Wins Losses Push GB
Armondo 42 46 2
Steelers 38 50 2 4
Casey 36 52 2 6

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