NFL Week 4 Picks

Ending the first quarter of the season, there is very little certainty about how this season will play out. We have seen all of the preseason favorites for the SuperBowl lose a game (or 2, Cowboys). The Chiefs are a surprising 3-0, and if the Bears can get past the NYG this week it looks as though they will be off and running through their bye week. They don’t face a team with a winning record until Wk 6 v. Seattle (if the Seahawks still have a winning record).

It is par for the course to have questions about a team’s strengths and weaknesses after the first game of the season, but heading into Wk 4 it is very difficult to know how good or bad certain teams are. San Fran was supposed to win the NFC West this year, but they are sitting at 0-3. The Ravens have yet to get their passing game going, but the defense (which was supposed to be suspect this season) is #1 in yards against. The Steelers were expected to struggle without Big Ben and face a 2-2 record going into their bye week, but they sit at 3-0. The 1-2 Cowboys got their only win on the road against a Texans team that had previously beaten the Colts and Skins – who had already beaten Dallas.

With all the confusion, we here at the Bang brave another week of difficult decisions and certain failure. The show must go on, and our quest for .500 continues…

Week 4 Picks (spread as of Thursday)
Game Steelers Casey Armondo Commentary
49ers at Falcons -7 Falcons 49ers Falcons The Falcons took down the Saints while the 49ers struggled to score a TD for the second time in 3 games. This game could break the 49ers season…if they didn’t play in the NFC West.
ARMONDO: They keep it sooooo crunk in da Souf…and the 49ers D isn’t so hot.
NYJ at Bills +5.5 Jets Jets Bills The Bills came to life against NE last week with Fitzpatrick at the helm, and CJ Spiller looked good for the first time this season. NYJ are without Revis, but still bring a tough defense against one of the league’s worst offensive teams.
Bengals at Browns +3 Bengals Browns Bengals Cincinnati will look to stay near the top of the division – they get the lead if Baltimore beats Pitt. Cleveland tries to salvage some semblance of hope after an 0-3 start.
Lions at Packers -14.5 Packers Lions Lions GB needs to bounce back after a loss to Chicago where penalties cost them 2 fourth quarter interceptions. Detroit just wants to win a game.
CASEY: Not that they’ll win, but could be a much closer game.
ARMONDO: No way Kuhn and Jackson can cover such a ridiculous spread.
*Remember Armondo’s Bills pick from last week*
Broncos at Titans -6.5 Titans Titans Titans Denver will play without RB Moreno and may have to ride the success of Kyle Orton if they have a chance to get to 2-2. Tennessee will try to continue their success on the legs of Chris Johnson and Vince Young.
Seahawks at Rams +1 Seahawks Seahawks Rams Seattle appears to be the top team in the hapless NFC West, but St. Louis is riding a one game winning streak into this one. It’s set to be a barn burner, folks! This could very well decide the division…seriously.
Panthers at Saints -13.5 Saints Saints Saints Nawlins hasn’t been the offensive powerhouse it was last year, partly due to their lack of forced turnovers and the disappearance of the running game. Speaking of running game, has anyone seen Panthers RBs DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart?
ARMONDO: unlike GB/DET, I believe the Panthers are that bad
Ravens at Steelers -1 Steelers Steelers Steelers The Ravens have the NFL’s best defense in yards allowed, the Steelers are #1 in forced turnovers. If either team puts up 20pts it’ll be defensive touchdowns.
Texans at Raiders +3 Texans Texans Raiders Houston got hog-tied by the Cowboys but still look like contenders. The Raiders boast a strong pass defense, which should help them, but this game features the #1 and #3 rushing leaders in the NFL.
Colts at Jaguars +7 Colts Colts Colts Indy is looking like Indy again, and that doesn’t bode well for their opponents. Especially for opponents who haven’t shown much on either side of the ball. Thankfully, no one watches the Jags anyway.
Redskins at Eagles -6 Eagles Eagles Eagles The return of McNabb is the big story here, but if the Skins keep playing like they have been his best performance won’t mean victory. Meanwhile, Vick has Philly thinking about the post-season already.
Cardinals at Chargers -8 Chargers Chargers Cardinals The only explanation for the Chargers’ demise thus far is poor special teams play (3 return TD allowed in 2 losses). The Cards broke one last week, and will probably another one if they want to hang with Rivers and Co. Will people keep believing the Chargers can win?
Bears at NYG -4 Bears Bears Bears ChiTown is undefeated, and NYG is not looking like the team to end that streak. The Giants allow more PPG than all but 2 teams, and Chicago’s passing game is for real with Cutler at the helm. The only thing slowing down the Bears will be hurricane Ditka.
ARMONDO: I would almost consider taking Cleveland over NYG at this point.
Patriots at Dolphins +1 Patriots Dolphins Patriots New England showed a porous defense against Buffalo. Miami is a defensive stalwart. The Dolphins may have enough on both sides of the ball to take this one cleanly.

Stay tuned next week as we break down the NFL’s Power Rankings and find out if we learned ANYTHING from the first four weeks of the season.

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