NFL Week 4 Preview

Week 3 took almost everyone for a loop. The Bears toppled the Packers. The Falcons felled the Saints. The Cowboys picked up their first W over the Texans. The Rams snagged a win over the Redskins. There are only 3 unbeaten teams left in the NFL (Steelers, Bears, Chiefs) and 4 teams who have yet to taste sweet victory (Cleveland, Detroit, Carolina, and Buffalo).

There were so many surprises that we here at the Bang (to exclude Armondo who actually had a good week) went under .500 once again. Here’s how we look through Wk 3:

Week 3 picks
Picker Wins Losses Push
Steelers 6
Armando 11
Casey 5

Overall Standings
Picker Wins Losses Push GB
Steelers 21
Armando 26

Casey 16

Since we are all REALLY bad at this (again, Armondo is the exception on this one, so I don’t mean him), I have decided to stop analyzing team performances based on abstract observation. From here on out, I offer statistical data on the teams. I do this without bias and without assigning meaning to the numbers. However, I think the numbers will speak for themselves as reasons why a team is winning or losing. When the crew here can get back over .500, I will offer my opinions once again (whether they are wanted or not).

Week 4 is the NFL’s first BYE week, so there are no games for Dallas, KC, Minnesota, or Tampa Bay.

49ERS (0-3) at FALCONS (2-1)

49ERS: Alex Smith is 37-54, 376yds, 1TD to Frank Gore and Vernon Davis; 35-65, 356yds, 1TD to all other players. Have allowed more points than any team in the NFL and lose by an average of 16.3ppg.

FALCONS: 385.3ypg (7th) and 25.7ppg (6th) despite 9pt performance at Pittsburgh in Wk 1. 7th ranked scoring defense in NFL.

BENGALS (2-1) at BROWNS (0-3)

BENGALS: Palmer 34-50, 707yds, 2 TD, 1INT in Wk 1; only 35-72, 362yds, 1TD, 2INT since.

BROWNS: Peyton Hillis 306 of team’s 943yds; 16th ranked defense

JETS (2-1) at BILLS (0-3)

JETS: Defense – 15.7ppg (8th), 20th ypg allowed; Offense – 22.7ppg (t-12th)

BILLS: 242ypg is last in NFL (139.3pass ypg); 29.0ppg allowed is last in NFL (t-49ers)

SEAHAWKS (2-1) at RAMS (1-2)

SEAHAWKS: 84.7rush ypg (24th), 29th in total offense; 28th in total defense

RAMS: 24th in total defense, 16.3ppg allowed is 9th; 99.7ypg rushing, 300ypg (24th)

BRONCOS (1-2) at TITANS (2-1)

BRONCOS: Kyle Orton – 1078yds (2nd), 67.0rush ypg (30th); 21.7ppg against, 20.3ppg scored.

TITANS: CJ is #5 with 301yds; defense is #5 against the pass.

LIONS (0-3) at PACKERS (2-1)

LIONS: They allow 148.7 rush ypg (last) and only gain 66ypg on the ground (31st). The offense has four players with 14 or more receptions and 100yds (RB Jahvid Best leads the team with 16/183)

PACKERS: Clay Matthews and the defense lead the NFL in sacks (13), but opponents out rush the Pack by 21.4ypg . QB Aaron Rodgers has a rushing TD in each of the last 2 games.

RAVENS (2-1) at STEELERS (3-0)

RAVENS: Defense is #1 in yards against, but the team is -6 in turnovers – causing only 1 on the season.

STEELERS: The defense leads the NFL in turnovers (10), and the offense came off life support against the previously unbeaten Bucs. Charlie Batch was 17-28 with 3TD passes.

PANTHERS (0-3) at SAINTS (2-1)

PANTHERS: QBs Combined: 44.3 Comp Pct., 2TD, 6INT, 43.9 QB Rating.

SAINTS: 57.3 rush ypg is worst in NFL (6th in ’09), 30th in run defense (145ypg); 63.3% of plays are passes (38 of 56 pass plays in loss to Falcons).

COLTS (2-1) at JAGUARS (1-2)

COLTS:29th ranked run defense (out rushed by 60ypg); 3 players over 200yds receiving.

JAGUARS: David Garrard – Wk1:16-21, 170yds, 3TD, 0INT; Since: 28-53, 278yds, 1TD, 5INT

TEXANS (2-1) at RAIDERS (1-2)

TEXANS: Foster leads NFL with 406yds rushing (team is 4th in total offense), defense is 2nd in rushing, last against the pass

RAIDERS: Most penalized team in NFL (290yds); 4th ranked rushing attack, 2nd best pass defense.

REDSKINS (1-2) at EAGLES (2-1)

REDSKINS: +2 TO margin, 225 penalty yards on the season.

EAGLES: Mike Vick has 6TD and 0INT this season and is 23rd in the NFL in rushing yards (170).


CARDINALS: 25th ranked pass offense (2nd in ’08, 12th in ’09); 29-65 throwing to top 3 WR.

CHARGERS: 461.3ypg (44.3ypg better than next best team); 272ypg allowed (4th); 3rd least penalized team in NFL (100yds)

BEARS (3-0) at GIANTS (1-2)

BEARS: Top ranked rush defense; Jay Cutler: 65.9 Comp Pct, 6TD, 2 INT with 12 passes of 20+ yards.

GIANTS: Defense is 30th in PPG allowed, 4th against the pass. Eli Manning – 5TD, 6INT

PATRIOTS (2-1) at MIAMI (2-1)

PATRIOTS: 27.3ppg allowed (28th); 30ppg is #1 in NFL; Tom Brady – 8TD, 2INT

DOLPHINS: Allow 17ppg (31 v. NYJ), only 4 forced turnovers this season; 112 rush ypg is 15th in NFL (4th in 2009).

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