Strikeforce Houston Picks

Really not much to write about this time. The card seems to be fairly cut and dry as to who will win the fights. I can’t really say anything that Casey hasn’t already analyzed, so see his post for details about the match-ups and fighter info.

Without further ado:

Bobby Lashley vs. Chad Griggs: LASHLEY – TKO Rd. 2

Lashley’s wrestling will simply be too much Griggs. If Lashley gets on top he’ll dominate, and I don’t see Griggs preventing that for three rounds. Griggs will be on his back for the better part of two rounds before Lashley puts this one to rest.

Jorge Gurgle vs. KJ Noons: NOONS – KO Rd. 2

If Gurgle has a strategy it should be to take this one to the ground, but that’s a big IF. He likes to go toe-to-toe and that won’t end well for him against Noons. Gurgle has a solid chin, but that won’t save him against a talented striker like Noons. This one ends in the 2nd.

Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza vs. Tim Kennedy: SOUZA – Submission Rd. 3

Jacare should control this fight throughout. He’ll win the first two rounds with takedowns and control. Then he’ll gas and fight off his back in the third. It won’t matter because those BJJ skills will allow him to tap Kennedy before the final bell sounds.

Muhammad “King Mo” Lawal vs. Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante: LAWAL – TKO Rd. 2

King Mo will treat Feijao like a tackling dummy and feel him a steady dose of ground and pound. Much like my assessment of Lashley v. Griggs, it’ll only be a matter of time before the ref has to step in and stop the beatings.

I hate having to make the same picks as competition, but there is only one way to slice this pie. I added my predictions for which round the fights will end in because these picks just seemed too easy. The fights should be great (with a special eye on the Noons v. Gurgle match-up), but we won’t see any surprises in the outcomes.

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