Strikeforce: Houston Picks

So I just looked at the calendar and realized that Strikeforce’s next offering will be tomorrow night and I hadn’t even thought about it yet. I know many wouldn’t care enough to remember the card is happening, but there’s potential here and, above all, the chance to see King Mo fight again. I won’t be catching this one live because a. I don’t have Showtime anymore and b. I have a Beer Olympics to run and dammit, I have my priorities. If Armando and Steelers can get picks up by tomorrow night, we’ll add it to our game. If not, no big deal, my fault for not reminding everyone…

Bobby Lashley vs. Chad Griggs
This really isn’t much of a  fight, but it’s the right fight for Lashley to have at this juncture in his career. Strikeforce matchmaking here makes sense, they realize that he’s not ready for the top-flight heavyweights are and trying to bring him along. That being said, Griggs can’t stack up. Decent striker but sub-par wrestler and that plays right into Lashley’s strengths. He’s an enormous favorite and there’s a good reason for that.
Lashley by TKO

Jorge Gurgle vs. KJ Noons
Everything about this fight points to a bloodbath. Noons is a surgical striker, see the Nick Diaz and Yves Edwards fights, and Gurgle has a preference for stand-up wars. That’s confusing, because he has serious ground skills, but doesn’t like to use them. If he decides to stand in front of Noons, he will get knocked out. And that’s what it looks like will happen here.
Noons by KO

Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza vs. Tim Kennedy
This fight should come down to the ground game, where Jacare has the advantage. Don’t sell Kennedy’s wrestling short here, but Jacare’s BJJ and judo make him hard to submit and hard to takedown while he can do both of those things freely. Kennedy is still evolving as a striker and doesn’t have the one-punch power to negate all of that. The only overt chink in Jacare’s armor is his cardio. That’s what happened in his most recent fight against Joey Villasenor. Jacre won and was very aggressive in the first round, but slowed to a grind in the second and third. I’m betting that doesn’t happen here.
Jacare via submission

Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Championship: Muhammad “King Mo” Lawal vs. Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante
It’s up to Feijao to prove that Strikeforce can field a decent LHW division of challengers for the King. He’s a BJJ black belt, which could create an interesting matchup against the All-American wrestler. However, Feijao prefers to work on his feet. Eight of his last nine wins have ended  via TKO, while he’s only submitted one opponent in that stretch. Mo will wrestle with Feijao, as he is also still evolving as a striker in MMA. He should want to get Feijao on the ground, something he hasn’t has a problem doing in previous fights. King Mo is 33 of 37 on takedown attempts in has last 5 fights and that trend will continue. Plus, Feijao is a big fan of leg kicks, which will leave him open to get taken down every time. If King Mo can defends against Feijoa’s under-used submission game and take him down at will, this will be an easy win in his first title defense.
Lawal via unanimous decision

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