Well…It Happened…

Many people, especially a lot of internet writers, thought it was possible for Fabricio Werdum to beat Fedor last night. I kinda suggested it was possible. But I don’t think anyone saw it coming that fast. At 1:09 of the first round, Fedor got caught in a triangle armbar. It was a very pretty piece of work by Werdum. He got rocked very early on and fell on his back. Fedor swarmed, looking to finish with his signature ground and pound but he couldn’t pull his arm back when the BJJ master locked on. The Last Emperor tapped once, like he didn’t want to give. But given the colors his head was turning, it was obvious he couldn’t breathe. Fedor was humble in defeat and Werdum was gracious in victory, saying he’d fight Fedor again, even before getting his shot at Alistar Overeem’s Strikeforce Heavyweight title.
Long story short, I was shocked in a room full of shocked people. Most of the people I was hosting last night had never seen Fedor fight, but were caught up in the hype.
More on this later and what this may do to Fedor’s legacy and future but I wanted to get up an initial reaction.

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