Let’s Play the “What If?” Game

It’s been too long since I’ve contributed, with Armondo left to do the bulk of the heavy lifting. My apologies to him for being lazy. So with the return of the Last Emperor to the cage a mere 48 hours away, I figured it would be a good time to plan out what the MMA landscape looks like if the unthinkable happens Saturday night.

What happens if Werdum beats Fedor?

As far as belts go, nothing happens. Fedor isn’t putting the WAMMA title on the line, but their website hasn’t been updated since last November so it’s safe to assume that piece of bling means precisely nothing.

Now, should Fedor lose, the tides would reverse, night would become day, dogs and cats would live together in peace and the world would never be the same again. OR, M-1 would lose any and all power that it’s gained in the American MMA market. Fedor would still be in demand, but since he would be revealed as an actual human being, Vadim would no longer be able to make his ridiculous co-promoting demands. Strikeforce would be able to convince Fedor to step into the cage more than twice a year. Of course, that’s assuming that Scott Coker can sign some legitimate heavyweight contenders. All that’s left in his HW division is Bigfoot Silva and the champ, Overeem. A Fedor loss would take him a step back from the title and put Werdum in a title shot in the fall. Assuming Strikeforce will remain static (as they have for too long), enter…

The UFC can offer him more money and better fights for the rest of his career now that Vadim’s demands can be relegated to the side. This is what I see happening. If Fedor loses, he leaves Strikeforce looking to prove himself again against the superior heavyweight division. Then, let the dream fights begin.

As for Werdum, well he rides very high on his historical achievement all the way into a title fight in the fall. This MAY main event the next CBS card, if Coker ever talks to the network again. Whether he gets past Overeem is questionable. Then again, he did submit Overeem in 2006 in Pride. Either way, it’ll be a very interesting title fight up next for Overeem.
For more on the career of the Last Emperor, Bill Jackson over at Bleacher Report posted a great article highlighting Fedor’s career so far. It’s a great read if you’ve only seen Fedor fight Brett Rogers. You can find that here: http://is.gd/d2AdA

If I can get my laptop back in working order in time, I’ll live-blog Saturday night’s event to the best of my abilities since I have the pleasure of introducing 3 people to Fedor at my place.

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