FFB Flashback/Flashforward: My 2009-2010 Draft

So I was looking in my filing cabinet at work, and I came across my draft sheet for the 2009-2010 FFB draft. Let’s see how all my initial picks did! (NOTE: I don’t remember the order of the picks, but it’s pretty much moot now. Just know that I picked my kicker in the 3rd round just like everyone else. Right?)

QB: Jay Cutler
Past – I gotta say that Cut Man wasn’t nearly as bad statwise as he was made out to be. 3600 yds., 336 completions, 27 TDs. Pretty solid right? When you take out the 26 picks, sure. But at least there was plenty of good to go with the bad. I stuck with him all year, and I don’t regret it.
Future – I would pick him again in a heartbeat. I have to think that there’s nowhere to go but up for him, especially with pass-happy mad-scientist Mike Martz calling the offensive shots. Maybe this wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t had such a SHIT season, Matt Forte. Glad I didn’t draft your overrated ass.

To be continued…

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