Random Stats From Baylor/Washington Alamo Bowl Game

By now, if you’re not living under a rock, you know that Baylor University and the University of Washington played a football game last night – namely, the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio, TX. You also know that the defensive players for both teams had decided to form the Occupy College Football movement and gather just outside the stadium throughout the game. Wait… that’s not what happened? Well how would YOU describe the video-game numbers that both teams put up? Regardless of the absurdity of it, you’ve already heard the big stats – most yards ever in a bowl game, most TDs scored, 2nd-most total points. But let’s break down the stats that they DIDN’T tell you. Because we’re not just the coolest… not just the best… we’re Peter Polaco. (I don’t get it, that just doesn’t roll off the tongue at all.)

1) Altogether, there were 18 scoring plays throughout the game. Only one wasn’t a touchdown (a Baylor FG during the closing seconds of the 1st half).

2) Robert Griffin III of Baylor and Keith Price of Washington combined to go 47-70 for 733 yards… and NO interceptions.

3) Price, either passing or rushing, was responsible for 42 points. The other 14 points? A rushing TD from RB Chris Polk, and 8 extra points from kicker Erik Folk.

4) That means that Price’s effort alone would have been enough to tie or beat every other bowl game opponent thus far, with the exception of Boise State (scored 56 against Arizona State), and of course Baylor.

5) Between both teams, 5 players scored double-digit touchdowns.

6) Baylor RB Terrance Ganaway rushed for 5 TDs, which accounted for Baylor’s final 5 TDs of the game.

7) 3 Baylor players rushed for over 100 yards. Of the three, Terrance Ganaway’s 9.5 YPC average was the worst by far.

8) Two of Ganaway touchdowns were scored only 2:27 apart. However, this wasn’t the shortest time between touchdowns, as Keith Price and Chris Polk scored within 1:07 of each other.

9) There were only 4 punts during the game, 2 from each team. Those punts went an average of 53.25 yards.

10) Besides a stupid personal foul, Washington played a flawless game from a penalty perspective. Baylor, by contrast, was flagged 8 times for a total of 58 yards.

11) The combined score for the 3rd quarter alone (43 points) was more than the combined score for the other bowl game played on 12/29 (Florida State beat Notre Dame 18-14 in that one, for a total of 32 points scored).

12) Baylor’s men’s basketball team played the day before, narrowly beating Mississippi State 54-52, yet still being outscored by the football team’s bowl performance.

13) Holy crap. Yes, that’s a stat.

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