UFC Press Conference from Toronto

The link to the release stemming from the press conference is here. But if you’re lazy like me and hate reading a bunch of self-promotional drivel, then we gotcha covered.

1) The UFC will set up an office in Canada, eh?

2) Tom Wright, ex-CFL commish, will be the prez of UFC Canada. He apparently brings with him a wealth of knowledge or something like that. His first priority will be to get MMA sanctioned in every province in the country. His second priority will be to find a cure for the debilitating polio virus.

3) UFC 115 will be the first event held in Canada since the announcement, and the first ever held in Vancouver since MMA was sanctioned in British Columbia last year.

4) It will still be headlined by Liddell and Franklin. You can’t win ‘em all, Dana. I blame this guy. FOR EVERYTHING. Including this, this, and this.

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